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Liberia Declares ‘State of Emergency’ As Ebola Death Toll Nears 1,000! [VIDEO]

Published on Aug 6, 2014

Ebola…. once just a hemorrhagic fever on steroids, now is a bona-fide menace. I work in a hospital laboratory at a major hospital in a major Metro Area. My wife works clinical micro for the same company.

I’m very well versed in just about everything a STAT lab in a hospital can, and does do. My wife on the other hand, actually majored in micro, with emphasis on virology.

So I wanted you all to know a few things about this outbreak that became apparent to us as it began to spread.


Behind The Scenes Of Death Machine Propaganda [VIDEO]

Will they soon be selling used killer drones like they sell used cars? [VIDEO]

Published on Aug 6, 2014

Redacted Tonight shows you the making of Northrop Grumman’s latest commercial.

Another Snowden? US hunts for new leaker revealing NSA documents [VIDEO]

Published on Aug 5, 2014

The United States government has concluded that a new leaker has been supplying members of the media with classified documents. RT talks to defense analyst Ivan Eland about the most recent U.S. leaks.

British minister resigns in protest at UK’s Gaza policy [VIDEO]

Published on Aug 5, 2014

The world is watching to see if a 72-hour ceasefire between Israel and Hamas holds. Several prior failed ceasefire attempts resulted in the continuation of Israeli strikes on Gaza that have killed a large number of civilians.

This high proportion of non-combatant deaths has sparked a growing backlash across the globe, including from a senior British Foreign Office official who resigned Tuesday over her country’s “morally indefensible” policy on Gaza. Ameera David speaks with RT’s Polly Boiko in London to get more details.

US terrorist watchlist contains 280,000 people with no terrorist affiliations [VIDEO]

Published on Aug 5, 2014

Of the 680,000 individuals on the government’s Terrorist Screening Database watchlist, over 280,000 are classified as having “no recognized terrorist group affiliation,” according to newly released documents leaked to The Intercept.

One of the most eyebrow raising figures raised by the report is the ranking of Dearborn, Mich.—with a 40 percent Muslim population—at number two for most residents on the terror watchlist.

Previous reporting in July by the same publication revealed that names can be added to the database based on a mere suspicion of a terrorist link with no hard evidence, and the list can be accessed by local law enforcement, federal agents, foreign governments and private contractors.

RT’s Ameera David and Tyrel Ventura break down the numbers and take a look at the startling implications of this new information.

NY Hotel Will Fine Guests $500 For Negative Internet Reviews [VIDEO]

Published on Aug 5, 2014

“A hotel in Hudson, N.Y., is under fire for attempting to charge guests a $500 fee if anyone in their party left a negative online review.

The policy may not have made Union Street Guest House any money, but it did earn them a 1.5-star rating on Yelp and hundreds of reviews warning potential visitors to steer clear.

Owner/manager Chris Wagoner, who is also a local politician, responded that the rule was “put on our site as a tongue-in-cheek response to a wedding many years ago” and was meant to be taken down and was never enforced.”

Bodies of ‘Ebola’ Victims Being Dumped In The Streets of Liberia! [VIDEO]

Published on Aug 5, 2014

Relatives of Ebola victims in Liberia defied government orders and dumped infected bodies in the streets as West African governments struggled to enforce tough measures to curb an outbreak of the virus that has killed 888 people.