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Texas Republican Party Endorses Marijuana, Medical Cannabis, Industrial Hemp Decriminalization

Texas Republican Party Endorses Marijuana, Medical Cannabis, Industrial Hemp Decriminalization

By Heather CallaghanEditor

Wonders never cease!

Delegates at the Republican Party of Texas convention voted their approval on Saturday for platforms endorsing “marijuana decriminalization, medical cannabis and industrial hemp.”

Not only that, but the Party delegates are actually calling for a change in cannabis’s Schedule classification by the federal government.

Forbes reported on Sunday:

“We support a change in the law to make it a civil, and not a criminal, offense for legal adults only to possess one ounce or less of marijuana for personal use, punishable by a fine of up to $100, but without jail time,” reads one of the party’s new positions.

“Congress should remove cannabis from the list of Schedule 1,” says another.

A third asks lawmakers to expand an existing state law that provides patients with limited access to low-THC medical cannabis extracts so that doctors can “determine the appropriate use of cannabis to certified patients.”

And a fourth says industrial hemp is a “a valuable agricultural commodity.”

That the official GOP organ in a red state like Texas would voice support for such far-reaching cannabis reforms is the latest sign of how mainstream marijuana has become in American politics.

Throughout all the changes in the American perception of marijuana, President Trump has vacillated from complete silence, to hinting at the death penalty for drug dealers, to most recently hinting he may support eliminating federal pot laws.

In a way, Trump’s varying responses reflect the chaotic swirl of trying to get a dinosaur government to allow people to peacefully treat their pain – recreationally or not – with a plant without fear of being locked up in a cage in the senseless war on drugs.



Washington D.C. Anacostia High School with 98.9 percent African Americans Approves Program to Give 13yo Girls Hormone-Altering Drugs Without Parental Consent


While parental consent is typically required when a student goes on a field trip or is subjected to a vision test in school, students as young 13 years old are being prescribed birth control at a public school in Washington D.C. and they could leave school with a prescription for pills or a newly inserted IUD, without their parents ever being notified.

The program is currently happening at Anacostia High School, a public school in D.C. that has around 450 students, 98.9 percent of whom are African American. Only 1 percent of the students are proficient in Math, and only 4 percent are proficient in English, according to the school’s website.

Midwife Loral Patchen, who runs the program at the school and is responsible for administering pregnancy and STD tests, and prescribing various forms of birth control to underage girls, told NPR that the goal is to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy.

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Testify Against Clinton if She Doesn’t Commit Suicide?

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If you’ve been following the Debbie Wasserman Schultz voter fraud and murders in Florida, then you can understand why she is willing to turn states evidence against the Clinton’s. If she doesn’t speak up, then she is the one going to jail and they will throw away the key!

There are multiple freight trains headed the way of the Deep State. I know it is hard to believe that Hillary will ever spend a day behind bars. However, after reading this 3 part series, it is hard to believe that she will not. If it one thing to dodge one bullet. It is another to dodge a volley of bullets fired at point blank range and that is what key members of the Deep State are facing, especially Hillary. The Clinton email investigation by Comey and the IG report provided Federal authorities with enough to prosecute Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Comey, McCabe, Paige, Strzok, Paige et al.

Keep in mind, the FBI never looked at the content on the DNC server. Many feel that would have implicated Podesta in th murder of Seth Rich. The IG report stopped just short of implicating Obama in the fake Dossier which should be sending Loretta Lynch to prison along with Rosenstein. In Part One, I detailed how McCain, Clinton and Obama are implicated in the formation and providing material support for terrorists including ISIS. Previously, I exposed Clinton and Obama for Benghazi and the attempted cover up that they sanctioned, with regard to gun running, drug dealing and child-sex-trafficking. Benghazi, as I previously revealed was conducted to cover up these crimes, just 7 weeks before the 2012 election.

Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner have tapes on virtually all of these events according to a deep cover FBI source. I have written about this a number of times, maybe now, people are ready to connect the same dots I did back in 2016.

Comey and Clinton

Comey’s investigation was actually very complete and produced actionable evidence that should have sent Hillary to prison for life. Comey excoriated Clinton and then as he was reeling her in for the kill, he cut the line, exonerated her, and let America’s biggest snake slither into the darkness. The investigation could be characterized as “EXCORIATION TO EXONERATION”.


Las Vegas Coroner releases autopsy for 6′-1″ body with bad, missing, teeth but “Las Vegas Shooter” Stephen Paddock was 6′-4″ with good teeth – “SUICIDED?”

paddock tall

Something is afoot at the Clark County Coroner’s office: Autopsy of “Stephen Paddock” reveals body was not Paddock, was rather someone else


S VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — It is unknown why the Clark County Coroner has released the autopsy report of a random 6′-1″ tall individual with bad teeth after cremating the body, violating court a court order, and then claiming the body is that of the alleged shooter Stephen Paddock when Paddock is clearly 6′-4″ tall and has rather good teeth.

This is not a joke. This is real and should scare any American who entrusts their government, to tell the truth.

The bogus autopsy records were released by the coroner on Friday and contradict everything we know about Paddock physically.

Fox News reports:

The autopsy showed Paddock, who was just more than six feet tall, was considered to be slightly overweight at 224 pounds, had high blood pressure and bad teeth. But he appeared to be healthy and nothing out of the ordinary was uncovered in his physical condition, even after experts at Stanford University conducted a microscopic brain examination, according to the documents.

As Intellihub reported on 20 Jan., in the article titled Body autopsied by doctor likely not Steven Paddock’s, official LVMPD report reveals:

Information listed in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s preliminary report on the 1 Oct. massacre, reveals that the body autopsied by Dr. Lisa Gavin may not be Steven Paddock at all.

According to Section VIII of the report titled Suspect Autopsy: “On 10-06-17, at approximately 1625 hours, under CCOCME case 17-10064 and FBI incident number 4-LV-2215061 an autopsy was performed on the body of Paddock at the CCOCME
by Doctor Lisa Gavin.”

However, the report lists the decedent Stephen Paddock as being only “73 inches” tall (6′-1″) despite the fact that it is well known that Paddock was 6′-4″ in height and had a much larger frame than the dead guy pictured in the leaked crime scene photographs.


In 2010, Paddock’s height was listed as 6′-4″ on a Sport Fishing, Trapping, Hunting License registered with the State of Alaska. The information was verified with Paddock’s California driver’s license by a duly authorized fish and game vendor in the State of Alaska.

Additionally, the eye color listed on the official state document says Paddock’s eyes were “BL” (blue), while the autopsy report says the decedent’s eyes are “brown.” Again, the document is based on Paddock’s California driver’s license.

As you can see in the following photograph, Paddock is 6′-4″ tall, not 6′-1″, as the autopsy claims.



Madeleine Albright says 500,000 dead Iraqi Children was “worth it” wins Medal of Freedom from Obama [VIDEO]


Published on May 2, 2012

Madeleine Albright says 500,000 dead Iraqi Children was “worth it”…..wins Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama

As the anniversary of probably one of the most infamous responses in broadcasting history approaches, the woman who uttered it is shortly to be awarded “the highest honour” that America bestows upon civilians — the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Madeleine Albright, Iraq’s Grim Reaper, of course, confirmed on Sixty Minutes (May 12, 1996) that the deaths of half a million children as a result of the absolute, all-embracing deprivations of the UN embargo were: “A hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it.”

One cynical blogger, was so incensed that the header read: “Genocidal war criminal wins Presidential Medal whilst invoking Holocaust memories.”

The Devil Of Little St. James: The True Jeffrey Epstein Story (Full Documentary 2017) [VIDEO]


Published on Nov 25, 2017

Jeffrey Edward Epstein is a billionaire American financier and registered Level 3 sex offender. The Palm Beach Police Department investigated the cases of over 30 underage females who had been sexually abused and/or commercially exploited by Epstein for the purposes of sex trafficking. To this day Epstein has only been convicted of a single state charge of solicitation of prostitution.

The purpose of this film is not only to shed some light on the highly enigmatic character that is Jeffrey Epstein, but also his victims, particularly Virginia Roberts.
Ultimately I would like to demonstrate that the Non-Prosecution Agreement which has protected Epstein and his co-conspirators for all these years is void and he should indeed be faced with federal charges of human trafficking.

There is no Federal Statute of Limitations for crimes involving human trafficking in addition to his criminal activities *after* his arrest.

**This film is for educational purposes only and is free for re-distribution


Man confronts Bill Clinton publicly: Why did you fly on Jeffery Epstein’s Lolita Express 26 times?

clinton, bill

Former U.S. President and adulterer Bill Clinton was confronted publicly on Thursday at a public speaking engagement where the heckler showed no mercy

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) — Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was confronted during a scheduled speaking engagement at Warner Theater on Thursday where a man from the crowd stood up and asked the known adulterer a pointed question which the ex-president failed to answer.

“Why did you fly on Jeffery Epstein’s Lolita Express 26 times?” The man asked aloud. “Twenty-six times Bill — what were you doing on Jeffery Epstein’s plane?”

Needless to say, soon after, the heckler slowly ushered out of the theater by security who, withal, appeared to keep their cool.

“Look it up — Jeffery Epstein,” the man shouted.

Epstein is an American financier and registered sex offender best known for his once highly-secretive and completely exclusive “Orgy Island” retreat which Intellihub exposed publicly in mid-2016. The convicted multi-millionaire also ran an airplane commonly referred to as the Lolita Express which Bill Clinton chartered a documented 26 times.






Published on Nov 24, 2017


Hillary Clinton Travelled Six Times To Pedophile Epstein’s “Lolita Island” According To Emails Found In Anthony Weiner/Huma Abedin Laptop [VIDEO]


Published on Nov 24, 2017

SOURCE : https://goo.gl/ZoQXcv
BREAKING: Hillary’s “Orgy Island” Bombshell EXPOSED, FBI Is…
Well-placed sources in the New York Police Department have reported that the FBI has discovered damning new evidence on the laptop shared by Huma Abedin and estranged husband Antony Weiner that suggest that Bill Clinton wasn’t the only Clinton who frequented convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean island, often referred to as “Pedophile Island” or “Orgy Island.”Blackwater USA founder and Navy SEAL Erik Prince claims that one of his “well-placed sources” in the New York Police Department told him that among the 650,000 emails found on Weiner’s laptop, there is evidence that Hillary Clinton traveled to the island several times, John Hayward at Breitbart News reported.

“The NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making” in the Anthony Weiner investigation, but received “huge pushback” from the Justice Department, Price said.“They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times,” he said.As America’s Freedom Fighters reported, back in 2005 when allegations against Epstein first surfaced former President Bill Clinton flew at least six times on Epstein’s airplane, nicknamed the “Lolita Express” according to its logbook. Flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the “Lolita Express” — even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights. Guests allegedly often paid for sexual favors on flights.



Bill Clinton Pal Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Is Accused Of ANOTHER Sex Trafficking Case Involving Girls As Young As 13

Source: Gateway Pundit – by Ryan Saavedra According to an article in the Daily Mail, long time friend of Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, is being accused of luring a young woman into his elaborate sex trafficking enterprise by making false promises. From The Daily Mail: Disgraced Wall Street mogul Jeffrey Epstein is being accused by a […]

Billionaire pedophile sex offender Epstein once claimed he co-founded Clinton Foundation

  Attorneys for convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein touted his close friendship with Bill Clinton and even claimed the billionaire helped start Clinton’s controversial family foundation in a 2007 letter aimed at boosting his image during plea negotiations, FoxNews.com has learned. The 23-page letter, written by high-powered lawyers Alan Dershowitz and Gerald Lefcourt, was apparently […]

Bill Clinton Videotaped With Sex Slaves on Billionaire Friend Jeffry Epstein’s Orgy Island? [VIDEO]

  Published on Jul 1, 2016 Subscribe now for more! http://bit.ly/1QHJwaK Bill Clinton my have been secretly videotaped having sex with prostitutes at his billionre friend Jeffry Epstein’s house, who is a convicted pedophile. More skeleton’s from Bill Clinton’s close keep being exposed, including one of his former mistresses who admits that Bill Clinton has […]

Bill Clinton visited Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island 10 times

The Florida State Attorney and the federal government intentionally tanked their cases in 2006 against pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. After spending 13 months “in prison”– during which Epstein was only required to be present at night– Epstein settled lawsuits for child molestation with the families of 32 girls. The FBI in 2006 counted at least 40 […]

Victims of Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein with Ties to Bill Clinton Claim Federal Prosecutors Offered “Sweetheart Deal”

Prosecutors went to great lengths to keep secret the non-prosecution agreement reached in 2007 with Jeffrey Epstein, attorneys for the victims allege, “because of the strong objection they would have faced from victims of Epstein’s abuse, and because of the public criticism that would have resulted from allowing a politically-connected billionaire who had sexually abused more […]

Prosecutors suspected billionaire Jeffrey Epstein abused up to 40 underage girls but they failed to charge him and instead offered him a secret plea bargain, court documents reveal

Originally posted on THE INTERNET POST:
‘Prosecutors suspected billionaire Jeffrey Epstein abused up to 40 underage girls – but they failed to charge him and instead offered him a secret plea bargain, court documents have revealed. His lawyers also succeeded in delaying letters being sent out to his alleged victims informing them that their cases…

Media cover up Bill Clinton’s alleged pedophilia on Epstein’s ‘orgy island’

~ Virginia Roberts in photo she claims was taken by Epstein in New York when she was “15 or 16.” Courtesy of Facebook/Stand Up America ~ While the U.S. news media on Sunday breathlessly cover the federal criminal charges against former U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Dennis Hastert, a Republican who allegedly attempted to hide […]

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein public reapperance casts shadow on the Clintons [VIDEO]

Published on May 7, 2015 Billionaire, registered sex-offender and friend of former president Bill Clinton has reappeared in public alongside a young woman, reigniting tabloid-like speculation over the controversial figure’s ties to the Clinton family. Epstein faced a lawsuit in 2008 over allegations of sexual slavery, forcing the once president to reportedly cut ties with […]

Pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in public since his donation to Clintons and links to UK royal sex

~ ~ EXCLUSIVE: Grinning as he walks with a young blonde, pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein seen in public for first time since his donation to Clintons and links to royal sex claims were revealed Epstein, 62, is a former friend of Bill Clinton who gave him his private jet and donated $25,000 to Clinton foundation […]