“Fast and Furious” Cover-up, FBI Agent Was to Testify but Now He Is Dead, and His Wife Too?

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The Clinton’s kill list has now gone well over 100 since their criminal days in Arkansas during their cocaine operation in Mena and the White Water scandal THEY both conveniently slipped from justice by silencing their critics.
This latest murder was too nasty to call a suicide, but how ironic this FBI agent was to testify against Hillary Clinton (Ref Fast and Furious) just days before his death along with his wife.
“Fast and Furious” is as big as anything else going-on with the various investigations (we all feel is going nowhere), but when witnesses begin dying…we are validated in the fact, Hillary and Obama are going down one way or another.
In my opinion…we will NEVER see Hillary Clinton in an orange jumpsuit, because she will either take a bottle of sleeping pills and down it with a 5th of Vodka, or those she has threatened recently (if she goes down), they will go down with her, therefore…don’t be surprised if the bitch is ousted by one of her own.
In due time….in due time.