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AMAZON’S Jeff Bezos gained $40 billion in wealth this year while his workers sleep in tents outside warehouses, pee in bottles, fall asleep while standing, ohh and get subsidized with food stamps and Medicaid…

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Why is the Government subsidizing billionaires?

Don’t forget his sweetheart contracts with the 3 letter Gov agencies and his friends on capital hill that protect him…. all while running a company that hardly ever makes a profit.

via time:

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos had a pretty amazing 2017: Bezos became the world’s richest man when his net worth, which is based mostly on the soaring price of Amazon stock, rose $40 billion through the course of the year. (His base salary is actually quite modest: $81,840 a year.)

Yet 2018 is shaping up to be an even better year for Jeff Bezos’s fortune. On Tuesday, while the stock market pushed Amazon shares to yet another record high, Jeff Bezos’s net worth crossed the $140 billion mark for the first time, according to Forbes. Bezos started 2018 with a net worth around $100 billion, so he is up more than $40 billion so far this year.

In other words, Jeff Bezos’s wealth has increased as much in slightly over five months as it did for all 12 months of 2017.

Jeff Bezos’s net worth has climbed in rapid-fire fashion as Amazon stock prices have soared, rising from roughly $1,200 at the start of 2018 to nearly $1,700 per share in intraday trading today—an increase of about 40%. Bezos’s wealth theoretically increased $10 billion within the first two weeks of the year, and he was up $30 billion by early March—at which point, according to our calculations, Bezos was making an insane $230,000 per minute.

Meanwhile, the median Amazon employee’s salary in 2017 was $28,446. During the first five months of this year—when, again, Jeff Bezos saw his net worth rise $40 billion—that median-earning Amazon worker worldwide has made around $12,000 before taxes, assuming salaries have stayed more or less the same this year.


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“USS Liberty: Dead In The Water” (BBC Documentary 2002) [VIDEO]


Published on May 16, 2012

On June 8th, 1965, during the Six-Day War, Israel attacked and nearly sank the USS Liberty belonging to its closest ally, the USA. Thirty-four American servicemen were killed and over 170 wounded in the two-hour assault by Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats.

Israel claimed that the whole affair had been a tragic accident based on mistaken identification of the ship. The American government accepted the explanation. For more than 30 years many people have disbelieved the official explanation but have been unable to rebut it convincingly.

Now, “Dead in the Water” uses startling new evidence to reveal the truth behind the seemingly inexplicable attack. The film combines dramatic reconstruction of the events, with new access to former officers in the US and Israeli armed forces and intelligence services who have decided to give their own version of events. Interviews include President Lyndon Johnson’s Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, former head of the Israeli navy, Admiral Shlomo Errell, and members of the USS Liberty crew.

More on this story at:

Listen to USS Liberty survivor, Phil Tourney’s radio program, “Your Voice Counts”, Saturdays at 7PM EST on the Republic Broadcasting Network

Phil’s book, “What I Saw That Day” which gives a survivor’s view of what happened

Political commentary by James Morris
Wake Up America! Your Government Has Been Hijacked By Zionism

This High School Valedictorian’s Microphone Was Cut When She Went Off Script

“They pulled me out of my last class in high school to say ‘You can’t speak about how we treat sexual assault victims.'”A California high school valedictorian was inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. to ignore school administrators and speak out publicly against the treatment of sexual assault victims, including herself, during graduation.

But that’s when Petaluma High School officials cut the microphone in the middle of her speech Saturday, prompting cries of “let her speak” from the audience.
“I was disappointed in them,” said 17-year-old Lulabel Seitz, who ended up recording her speech and publishing it on YouTube as “valedictorian speech uncensored.”Lulabel, who said she wasn’t surprised “because they do this a lot, they make students be quiet,” found out she would be valedictorian several months ago and had long planned to discuss both the good and bad experiences of the class of 2018. For her, that included being sexually assaulted by a fellow student during school hours on multiple occasions last fall.
Lulabel said although Petaluma High School was aware of the assault and police took action, the boy continued to be allowed on campus and to attend graduation. The school’s response frustrated her, she said.
“They don’t really do anything to the perpetrator,” she told BuzzFeed News.
She added that other girls had experienced the same treatment.
School officials, citing student privacy, did not respond to BuzzFeed News’ specific questions and instead sent a press statement from the school district.
“Administrators and staff in Petaluma City Schools care deeply about the safety and well being of our students. Due to student privacy issues, we cannot and should not respond with specific information,” the district said. “We can say that when issues of sexual assault come to our attention, local law enforcement has initial jurisdiction and determines the course of action.
“If an alleged event happens off campus or on, we work to support our students with appropriate discipline, extensive counseling, and whatever measures we can take to protect our students while they are in our learning environment.”
Lulabel said administrators told her they had to approve her speech in advance and if there was anything negative in the draft, she wouldn’t be allowed to speak. School administrators had apparently been tipped off that she had been planning to mention the sexual assault issue.
“They pulled me out of my last class in high school to say ‘You can’t speak about how we treat sexual assault victims,'” she said.
But Lulabel added that she was able to negotiate her being able to mention a teachersstrikethat affected the school last year.
On Friday, the night before graduation, Lulabel — who often participates in speaking competitions — was searching speeches online and came across a quote by King that resonated: “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”
“I thought about that a lot, if I’m going to be quiet about this, that’s really sad…because it’ll just keep persisting,” she said.
Lulabel didn’t plan to specifically mention the boy who harassed her, or speak about what had happened, but wanted to address the school’s treatment of assault victims.
“I wasn’t going to do it because they kept scaring me and threatening me. But I thought, if I don’t stand up for me and the other girls, then who is going to do it?” she said. “It was just a kind of a moral decision I had to make.”
On Saturday, the speech didn’t go completely as planned. When Seitz walked up to the podium, the written speech was not there as she had been told it would be. Instead, she started reciting as much as she could from memory.
“I thought they would cut me a lot earlier, I was doing that on the fly,” she said.
After nearly four minutes, just as Lulabel started to move into the section where she planned to mention sexual assault, the microphone was cut.
“The class of 2018 has demonstrated time and time again that we may be a newer generation, but we are not too young to speak up, to dream, and to create change. Which is why, even when some people on this campus, those same—” Lulabel said before the sound ended.
That’s when the audience began cheering “let her speak.”
Lulabel said the school principal told her she wouldn’t be continuing her speech, to which she retorted with a Malcolm X quote: “A man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything.”
However, a school official, while not going into detail, told BuzzFeed News Lulabel’s version of events don’t match with their own.
“Many of the assertions that Ms. Seitz is making do not match our perspective,” David Rose, the assistant superintendent for student services at Petaluma City Schools, said.
In the video she later recorded, this was the next line as she intended to say it:
“Learning on a campus in which some people defend perpetrators of sexual assault and silence their victims — we didn’t let that drag us down.”
Lulabel is heading to Stanford University next year.

The Mormon Church came out HARD against Utah’s medical marijuana initiative. Last week, MormonLeaks leaked a doc proving the church owns nearly a billion in big pharma stocks.

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That’s right, it likely had nothing to do with religion & everything to do with $$$.

Here is the LEAK that I based this reporting off of. Also, here is an article about the leak.

CELG – 347 million in shares,

JNJ – 490 million in shares.

ABT – 242 million in shares

GILD – 101 million in shares

PFE – 73 million in shares

ABBV – 39 million in shares

MRK – 19 million in shares

The church owns over a billion in big pharma stock, and failed to mention that when they came out HARD against the medical marijuana initiative.

They make money off of sick people. And try to control what treatment those sick people can access.




Reminder: More than 90% of the US Media is controlled by just 6 companies. Having control of these means you could pretty much control the entire ‘democracy’


This info graphic is to demonstrate the power and reach the 6 media corporations have. Its an illusion of free choice.

“republic” is, to quote the American Heritage Dictionary, “A political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them” — we are that. “democracy” is, “Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives” — we are that, too.

But there is no basis for saying that the United States is somehow “not a democracy, but a republic.” –





Planet X just revealed by Google Sky? Black swath gone, ‘winged disk’ visible

DSS Consortium , SDSS, NASA/ESAVia Google Sky/DSS Consortium , SDSS, NASA/ESA


Editor’s note: In no way shape or form does this article or has this article ever claimed that this object is planet X for sure; hence the question mark in the title and the closing line which reads:

“Although we can’t say for sure that this is Nibiru, it sure does match all descriptions.”

Other accusations, received via email, claim that nothing has changed on Google sky, although anyone with any sort of knowledge knows that Google Sky is manipulated often and can change daily.

If anyone has a problem or issue you are welcome to comment publicly below for all the world to see. As of now, I don’t have the time to launch another independent investigation into all the changes made by Google Sky over the past year or so, however in the future I am planning to do a follow-up report on this very matter. Moreover, I am also not going to blindly retract this article as requested by only one person out of the many people who have read the post in aggregate. With that being said, you are free to comment on your findings — the comment section is open below

Controversial, heavily-censored, planetary system just revealed to public for the first time

OUTER SPACE (INTELLIHUB) — For years it has been speculated by conspiracy theorists and some astronomers that “Google Sky” had been censoring what’s known as Planet X or Nibiru from the general public’s view online.

Now, shockingly, a massive swath of Google Sky that had been previously blacked out and censored has been made visible by Google for your viewing pleasure. The image below shows the system as censored by Google for years.

The image below shows the system as censored by Google for years.

It’s not known why Google unrestricted access to what could be the planetary system which was written about by the late Zecharia Sitchin who wrote numerous publications on the planet “Nibiru.”

In the image below, shot in 2015, you can clearly see the ‘winged disk’ as described by Sitchin and others. It’s almost uncanny!

DSS Consortium , SDSS, NASA/ESA
Via Google Sky/DSS Consortium , SDSS, NASA/ESA

The system is currently located at:

5 h 42m 21.0s 22° 36′ 45.7″

Although we can’t say for sure that this is Nibiru, it sure does match all descriptions.

To learn more read Planet X for dummies.


NYT: Spike the Food Supply with Sterilization Chemicals

Image: NYT: Spike the Food Supply with Sterilization Chemicals (Video)


The Health Ranger explains how the New York Times promoted a narrative to spike the food supply with sterilization chemicals in order to achieve global depopulation goals.

Podcast Transcript: “In 1969, the New York Times published an article that called for the food supply to be spiked with covert sterilization chemicals. You can find the actual link to this. They still have it on their website. You can download it as a PDF. Find the link at NaturalNews.com. Just search for RNA interference technology and you’ll find a link to that in a well documented story. Anyway, this article by the New York Times quoted Paul Ehrlich, who of course is a depopulation alarmist who said there shouldn’t be any more than about 150 million people in America. Then he and the President Nixon science advisor – whose name I don’t recall at the moment, but that’s who’s quoted in the story – together what they say is that food – all food – that’s exported from America and sold in America, should be laced with these sterilization chemicals to essentially eliminate black people and brown people. Especially the food exports that go to Africa or South America and so on other nations…” Listen to the full podcast below: