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Bombshell Sessions Reveals Secret Prosecutor [VIDEO]


Published on Mar 9, 2018

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Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Bombshell Sessions Reveals Secret Prosecutor, 2090b

Synopsis: In a remarkable revelation that almost no one caught the significance of, Fox News host, Shannon Bream was told by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday evening that he has appointed a internal special prosecutor to investigate FISA abuses and other matters of a criminal nature inside the Justice Department.
He also said that he would also consider appointing a Special Counsel as requested recently by Congressmen Trey Gowdy and Bob Goodlatte.
We should take this interview very seriously, because there is evidence that Sessions is getting very serious now about cleaning up the swamp that the Justice Department and FBI became under the Obama administration.
Ace reporter Sundance provided a whopper of an analytics piece over this interview yesterday on The Last Refuge.
“No one in Washington DC – including Congress and the president – was previously aware [of this].”
No one seems to have noticed except for Sundance that a number of folks accused of wrongdoing due to the contents of email and text-message leaks have never appeared to testify before congressional committees. Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce and Nellie Ohr and Bill Priestap have only been interviewed by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, and this unnamed special DOJ prosecutor.
According to Sundance:
“The DOJ needs to keep the integrity of their testimony inside the investigative unit. President Trump is the chief executive over the DOJ and FBI; however, in this odd dynamic he is also the victim within the conspiracy….
“Therefore, again, to protect the integrity of the investigation and witness testimony, the victim would be kept at arms-length and not informed of the criminal investigation.
“That’s why POTUS Trump doesn’t know; and AG Sessions must keep distance from any discussion with the executive due to this separation.


Why Payday’s Make Debt Forever [VIDEO]


Published on Mar 9, 2018

Mike Papantonio and Attorney Dan Soloway talk about the Payday loan scam that is leaving Americans in massive debt.

Unbelievable Renovation Fails That Actually Happened

Family mealtime is the perfect time for bonding, and what better way to REALLY bond with your loved ones than by using the bathroom while you all eat?!

Are you a fan of home renovation fails? Clearly these guys were! They just wanted a spot on this illustrious list!

Well, look at it this way: At least this driveway will be super fun when it snows! You’ll never be able to get your car in and out without denting the front or back, but your sledding game is going to be super strong.

These guys needed to get clever after blocking the door with bricks, which probably have the same IQ as the guys who installed this.

This is the perfect way to use one light to illuminate two rooms. Unfortunately, once the light burns out, you have darkness forever in both rooms.

It’s perfect for my 3-year-old self and a literal headache for my adult self. Do better, construction guys.

The challenge is that each year the tree becomes more difficult to get around. By the time the kids are all grown up, they’ll barely be able to get in and out of the garage. It’s just a natural deterrent to stop them from going out and partying. Clever parenting technique.

Sometimes when you don’t measure, it gives you the perfect opportunity to improvise on the fly. The new homeowners will never notice, right?

Joke’s on you! The neighbors actually have a flying car, and thus no need for a driveway that smoothly goes into the garage. Psssh, tires are sooooo 2015.

Ohhhhh, these guys almost nailed it on replacing these windows. Really looks like they were just slightly off on their measurements. Can barely notice…

Of course you need all your amenities in a localized place. In this case, you can wash your hands while charging your phone! The possibilities are endless.




LMAO: Tony Blair lauded for outstanding contribution to democracy (yes, really)

Tony Blair lauded for outstanding contribution to democracy (yes, really)
Ex-PM Tony Blair has been awarded one of the greatest accolades of the US for his contribution to democracy. In a move set to anger anti-Blairites, he is the first Brit to be awarded the prize.

The Lincoln Leadership Prize recognizes outstanding leaders who display “great strength of character, individual conscience, and an unwavering commitment to the defining principles of democracy,” just like the 16th US president.

Blair has been named the 2018 winner of the prize. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation says it gave the prize to Blair for his supervision of the Northern Ireland peace process, introduction of the national minimum wage and civil partnerships, “revitalisation” of public services including health and education, improvements to maternity rights, success in lifting people out of poverty and equality and human rights legislation.



Frantic calls released from Parkland shooting: ‘I love you, it’s going to be fine … I need you to play dead,’ mom says

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“I love you, it’s going to be fine,” a panic-stricken mother said over the phone to her child hiding in a classroom during the Parkland, Florida, school massacre. “Can you play dead? I need you to play dead.”

Officials on Thursday released some of the frantic 911 calls made during the Feb. 14 mass shooting. Seventeen students and staff members were shot and killed in the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that sent shock waves across the nation.

The suspected school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, a former student, was arrested after the shooting. On Wednesday a grand jury indicted Cruz, charging him with 17 counts of premeditated murder in the first-degree and 17 counts of attempted murder in the first-degree.

School officer Scot Peterson, who was criticized in the wake of the shooting for not going into the school, can be heard telling a dispatcher, “We don’t have any description but it appears to be — shot — shots fired” as gunfire is heard in the background. A minute later he shouts, “Get the school on lockdown, gentlemen!”

Peterson is heard warning officers not to enter “12 or 1300 building” and six minutes after making the initial call gives a description of the suspect, saying, “10-4 all units be advised a male in a hoodie possible AR-15 or AK-47.”

One man who was not at the school but was on the phone with a student inside told the 911 operator that two students were alone huddled in one classroom.

That man acted as the liaison between the hiding student and the dispatcher.

“Don’t talk, just be quiet,” the man tells the student.

“Try hiding behind the curtain or something,” he says, later asking if there’s a cabinet or a closet in the room.

The operators asks if there are teachers there and the man says just two students.

“She’s hearing yelling in the hallway,” the man said.

“Tell her to be quiet,” the operator said. “We don’t know — there’s a lot going on, just tell her to be quiet.”

“Let her know she’s doing good, just keep try to keep her calm,” the operator adds. “She’s doing good. All police, we got extra units from other places in other cities coming.”

The man relays to the student, “Be calm, be quiet, help is on the way. Police from all over are coming.”

“There’s no place to hide,” the man tells the dispatcher. “They are crouched.”

Next to the man was the student’s mother, listening on speaker phone.

Later the man says, “Somebody just entered the room.”

“OK, who is it that entered the room?!” the operator asks.

The man asks into the phone, “Is it the police?!”

Then the mother listening over the phone says, “I love you! I love you! It’s mom.”

The man tells the dispatcher, “It’s the police, they said put your hands up.”

“I love you, I love you, it’s going to be fine,” the mother says. “Can you hide from there? Can you play dead? Can you play dead? I need you to play dead.”

Finally the man says the student told him the police arrived.

“The police are there right now and they are checking the injured out,” he tells the dispatcher. “The police are escorting the students out of the classroom.”

“OK alright, sir,” the operator says. “Thank you so very much, sir.”

“Thank you for all your help,” he replies. “I hope this turns out to be not as bad.”

“Yes, I hope so too,” the operator adds.