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John Podesta Smears Trump & Russia, Gets Humiliated As CBS’s Nancy Cordes Drops Bombshell [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 19, 2018

SOURCE : https://goo.gl/P4hSnt
John Podesta Smears Trump & Russia, Gets Humiliated As CBS’s Nancy Cordes Drops Bombshell
Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign manager recently went on television to whine about President Donald Trump. Too bad for John Podesta, things would go horribly wrong as CBS’s Nancy Cordes dropped a massive bombshell — and it was downright humiliating. The liberal left really is pathetic. For over a year now, they have been putting blame everywhere except for where it belongs, for their humiliating election loss of 2016. To this day, Hillary Clinton still finds excuses to explain why she lost the election and will not come to terms with the fact that Americans merely didn’t want a selfish and corrupt criminal leading our country.


Vaccine police: Claremont California [VIDEO]


Published on Nov 10, 2017

Porsha Rasheed Facebook Profile
: Please watch this Video and share I am. I am being set up by the Claremont school district to be arrested and they are trying to force me to give my child immunization shots! I woke up this morning and walked my kids to the bus stop like I always do. Guess who was waiting the Claremont police department along with another man asking me about my child’s shots! I called the police department to make a complaint for harassment and was told by the sergeant, that me not giving my kids shots is a criminal act and that I will be arrested. This is why they were at the bus stop to try to incriminate me by me attempting to them that my son does not have any shots. This is crazy!! I want the world to know if I am arrested this is why! I will follow up with the facts!!!! Of this situation! Please watch and share

Hired Assassin Confesses: ‘The Clintons Paid Me To Kill People’ [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 16, 2018

Billy Jack Haynes, a self-confessed former drug runner, has made a series of astonishing confessions in the past week, claiming that he was paid by Bill Clinton to kill David Kennedy, as well as providing “muscle” for the Clintons during Arkansas drug drops in the 1980s.

In a shocking confessional video, Haynes explains that the murder of Seth Rich in 2016 forced him to come forward and play his part in ensuring justice is finally delivered to the crime family responsible for so many deaths.

Guided by his conscience, Haynes approached Linda Ives, the mother of Kevin Ives, one of the boys killed in Arkansas in 1987 in the infamous “boys on the tracks” unsolved murder, and confessed to her the part he played in her son’s death.

On August 23, 1987 Kevin Ives, 17, and his friend Don Henry, 16, were murdered in Alexander, Arkansas and their bodies were then placed on railroad tracks to be run over by a train. The murders of the two boys were until now unsolved.

For the past thirty years there has been rumors and evidence linking certain individuals to the murders. The evidence pointed to involvement by Law Enforcement Officers, Saline County Politicians and even very high ranking State and Federal Officials.

Now there are two cooperating individuals working with a private detective hired by Kevin Ive’s mother, who have confessed that they were on the tracks the night of the murders. They both tell chilling stories about what happened that night and provide disturbing details about the murders and the coverup.

Haynes, one of the cooperating individuals, has now chosen to go public in order to force the long-running case to a conclusion and deliver justice to the parents of the murdered boys.

Confessing in the video that he also operated as a drug trafficker and “hired enforcer” during his pro-wrestling career, Haynes says:

“In the late 1970s and early 1980s I stood 6 foot three and weighed between 260 and 300 pounds. I was very visually intimating. I’m not proud to say that in the 1980s I transported large quantities of cocaine in the United States of America.

“I bought cocaine from the largest drug trafficker in the United States, Barry Seal, out of Baton Rouge, Lousiana.”

Hayne’s working relationship with Barry Seal, an infamous American pilot working for the Medellin cartel as well as the CIA, opened doors in the criminal underworld. He was soon introduced to Eddie Graham, a wrestling promoter and cocaine trafficker, and a “politician/drug dealer” from Arkansas who was using his position as governor to control the cocaine trade in the state.

It may sound ridiculous that an agency that is supposed to stop crime was actively distributing drugs in the United States in the 1980s, but CIA drug running in Arkansas is confirmed, along with the Clintons’ complicity.

Mainstream media rarely report on it, preferring to gloss over the facts, but the information is out there. See here and here.

Clinton hitman

Hayne’s connections and criminal activities in the 1980s were dark enough, but when he was introduced to the governor of Arkansas things went from murky to pitch black.

Former CIA Operative Admits US Meddled In Elections, Runs Fake News In Other Countries [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 19, 2018

As Democrats indict Russians over “election meddling,” former CIA officers say the US has been interfering in foreign elections for decades and “hopefully” will keep doing so because it has the moral high ground.

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VIDEO: FOX News Cuts Off Reporter When She Links Psychotropic Drugs to Florida Shooter

By Matt Agorist

Stephen PaddockOmar MateenGavin Long, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, James Holmes, and now, Nikolas Cruz all have one thing in common other than the mass murders they carried out. They were all reportedly taking prescription drugs which alter one’s state of mind and carry a host of negative side effects ranging from aggression and suicide to homicidal ideation.

Suicide, birth defects, heart problems, hostility, violence, aggression, hallucinations, self-harm, delusional thinking, homicidal ideation, and death are just a few of the side effects caused by the medication taken by the monsters named above, some of which are known as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), or antidepressants.

There have been 150 studies in 17 countries on antidepressant-induced side effects. There have been 134 drug regulatory agency warnings from 11 countries and the EU warning about the dangerous side effects of antidepressants.

Despite this deadly laundry list of potential reactions to these medications, their use has skyrocketed by 400% since 1988. Coincidentally, as antidepressant use went up, so did mass shootings.

The website SSRIstories.org has been documenting the link between selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and violence. On the website is a collection of over 6,000 stories that have appeared in local media (newspapers, TV, scientific journals) in which prescription drugs were mentioned and in which the drugs may be linked to a variety of adverse outcomes including most of the mass shootings which have taken place on US soil.

As the Citizens Commission on Human Rights notes, before the late nineteen-eighties, mass shootings and acts of senseless violence were relatively unheard of. Prozac, the most well known SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressant, was not yet on the market. When Prozac did arrive, it was marketed as a panacea for depression which resulted in huge profits for its manufacturer Eli Lilly. Of course other drug companies had to create their own cash cow and followed suit by marketing their own SSRI antidepressants.





Kim Dotcom: “Let Me Assure You, The DNC Hack Wasn’t Even A Hack”


Source: ZeroHedge

Kim Dotcom has once again chimed in on the DNC hack, following a Sunday morning tweet from President Trump clarifying his previous comments on Russian meddling in the 2016 election.


In response, Dotcom tweeted “Let me assure you, the DNC hack wasn’t even a hack. It was an insider with a memory stick. I know this because I know who did it and why,” adding “Special Counsel Mueller is not interested in my evidence. My lawyers wrote to him twice. He never replied. 360 pounds!” alluding of course to Trump’s “400 pound genius” comment.



Dotcom’s assertion is backed up by an analysis done last year by a researcher who goes by the name Forensicator, who determined that the DNC files were copied at 22.6 MB/s – a speed virtually impossible to achieve from halfway around the world, much less over a local network – yet a speed typical of file transfers to a memory stick.

The local transfer theory of course blows the Russian hacking narrative out of the water, lending credibility to the theory that the DNC “hack” was in fact an inside job, potentially implicating late DNC IT staffer, Seth Rich.

John Podesta’s email was allegely successfully “hacked” (he fell victim to a phishing scam) in March 2016, while the DNC reported suspicious activity (the suspected Seth Rich file transfer) in late April, 2016 according to the Washington Post.

On May 18, 2017, Dotcom proposed that if Congress includes the Seth Rich investigation in their Russia probe, he would provide written testimony with evidence that Seth Rich was WikiLeaks’ source.




All Anti-American Olympians Who Blamed Trump For Loss Just Got Bad News Before Returning To U.S.! [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 18, 2018

SOURCE : https://goo.gl/kKjjLa
All Anti-American Olympians Who Blamed Trump For Loss Just Got Bad News Before Returning To U.S.!
The 2018 Winter Olympics is finishing the first week of the games but it’s already over for Team USA – and not because of their lack of medals to bring home. The games began with a really disturbing start on multiple levels, from athletes publicly slamming our administration, to the Olympic Committee making sure awards are not based on merit, but diversity in skin color and sexual orientation. Now, only the Olympians on Team USA were just blindsided by more bad news. No sooner did the games begin, which these athletes have worked years to get to, they find out it’s over – for some even before they even had a chance to compete.