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Gowdy Goes Nuclear! Reveals Criminal Link Between Hillary Clinton And The Dossier… [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 10, 2018

MORE Strzok and Page texts Reveal Comey INTENTIONAL Criminal Cover-Up in WeinerGate


Strzok and Page were running a Counterintelligence Operation on Pence, sending their own handpicked spies, and trying to develop moles on his staff


Let’s keep in mind that these texts were exchanged on the VERY SAME DAY that Admiral Mike Rogers went to Trump Tower to brief President-Elect DJT on the spying thing.

Adds to the plot twist, doesn’t it?



Miracle cancer treatment discovered at Stanford [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 8, 2018

Researchers at Stanford have developed a promising breakthrough process that may be able to treat and even cure cancer. It has already been tested on mice with enormous success and lacks the side-effects of current cancer treatments. RT America’s Ashlee Banks has the details.

Trump-Hater Kathy Griffin Screams ‘Gen. Kelly Beats His Wife,’ Immediately Made REGRET IT [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 8, 2018

SOURCE : https://goo.gl/PQiqcn
Trump-Hater Kathy Griffin Screams ‘Gen. Kelly Beats His Wife,’ Immediately Made REGRET IT
Kathy Griffin, the loser D-list celebrity who became infamous after posting the likeness of a bloody severed President Donald Trump head on social media, is at it again, only this time she’s slandering General John Kelly and his wife of 42 years, Karen. It seems Griffin is accusing Gen. Kelly of punching his wife in the face, which is a bald-faced lie. Well, Gen. Kelly and Americans who support him immediately made the obnoxious Griffin regret her remarks.You would have thought Kathy Griffin learned her lesson after she posed with the severed bloody head of Trump and what little career she had left got destroyed. Apparently not. Like many losers in Hollywood, Griffin fancies herself an activist, but for what cause, we have no idea.