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BREAKING: Hillary just BROKE DOWN in the Middle of a SPEECH, then the crowd does something BIZARRE [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 9, 2018


HUGE FIND-FBI texts reveal FBI freaked about Lynch Tarmac Meeting.

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It screwed up timing of Comey announcement (DOJ / FBI collusion for Hillary) & though FBI got caught not redacting (C) emails, wouldn’t matter to outcome & FBI would find a way to protect Clinton. Also mentions REDACTED SECRET 302!


How in the hell are these two still employees of the FBI?

**THROWBACK THURSDAY** June 29, 2016 – Loretta Lynch: “I did see President Clinton at the Phoenix airport… Our conversation was a great deal about his grandchildren. It was primarily social & about our travels. He mentioned the golf he played in Phoenix, & he mentioned travels he’d had in WV.”


Check every claim that ANYONE makes. Don’t believe it until you have checked yourself and KNOW FOR SURE.

With that being said, what I have written below shows that Strozk and Page were clearly talking about the Hillary Email thing the same morning as the text about potus. They also made remarks the following day (2016-09-03) about the news coverage that occurred on 2016-09-02 and 2016-09-03 about the Email thing.

On page 1 of the source document, you see the email thread about the FBI’s statement on the Hillary Email Scandal is titled “Re: Midyear Exam”.

I’m pointing this out in case you don’t know what the acronym MYE stands for in the following text messages.




FBI Informant Testifies, Loretta Lynch Imposed Gag Order To Cover Moscow-Clinton Scheme

Lynch was exposed in the cover-up.


An undercover FBI informant has submitted written testimony to Congress asserting he has video evidence of bribe money related to the Uranium One scandal being stuffed into suitcases for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The high-value informant, Douglas Campbell, said the Kremlin funneled money directly into the Clinton Foundation in exchange for Clinton approving a deal that sold one-fifth of the United States uranium to Russia.

And he said former Attorney General Loretta Lynch filed a gag order to cover-up the entire Moscow-Clinton scheme.

As detailed in Campbell’s written statement to Congressional investigators, the Uranium One “deal” in 2010 involved the Clinton Foundation receiving a substantial payment in exchange for the State Department approving the sale of 20 percent of the United States’ uranium to Russia’s largest nuclear company Rosatom.

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Seattle Civic Emergency: City Fences Off Homeless From Camping Under Bridges

Two years ago, Seattle and King County officials declared homelessness an official emergency. Millions of dollars from the city and county’s coffers were drained to combat the crisis, but since, the problem has expanded and got much worse.

King County has become the third-largest concentration of homeless people in the United States, according to a federal report from December. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development compiled figures that show an estimated 11,643 homeless live in the area in 2017, which trails behind Los Angeles County and New York City in total homeless population.

The Seattle Times blames the soaring homeless population on the lack of affordable housing and soaring rents but mentions that the homeless crisis extends across the entire West Coast.

King County also ranks third in the number of unsheltered homeless — people living in vehicles, tents and on local streets. The 5,485 unsheltered people counted in the county in 2017 represent a 21 percent increase over last year’s tally.The numbers underscore the severity of a problem that stretches from Seattle to San Diego. As rents soar and access to affordable housing shrinks, the number of people living in states along the West Coast is trending in the wrong direction.

Seattle rents have been soaring in many neighborhoods for nearly two decades, which has pushed many people in the region out of the area and into the outlying parts because of lower rents. In all, Seattle rents have soared 65 percent since 2010. The typical Seattle renter now pays around $21,900 for rent per annum, up from $13,200 from ten years ago.

The primary driver behind the exploding homelessness crisis rocking the streets of Seattle is straightforward: diminishing housing affordability. Surging rents and soaring home prices have left many people behind, who are stuck in a period of wage stagnation with minimal savings. The response, well, Seattle declared a public emergency, as many who cannot afford housing have migrated into authorized and nonauthorized homeless camps across the city.


SOURCE:  http://investmentwatchblog.com/seattle-civic-emergency-city-fences-off-homeless-from-camping-under-bridges/

Nevada Judge Orders Metro To Release All October 1 Videos And Documents From Las Vegas Massacre

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We need to thank District Court Judge Richard Scotti, who has ruled that videos and documents from October 1, 2017 be released by the Vegas Metro Police.  We are talking here about surveillance video, evidence logs, body camera footage, dispatch logs, 911 calls, search warrant returns, and information on weapons obtained.  Surely Judge Scotti is one of the good guys!

However, anything involving ammunition dealer, Douglas Haig will be withheld due to his right to a fair trial.  That is as it should be.  We The People are fair-minded, and we only ask for what is right.

In response, the attorney for the Metro said it would take some time, as so much had to be redacted.

Judge Scotti responded as a judge for We The People should have:  “Doesn’t the public have a right to know that its government is doing its job?  That they are safe?  That the government officials are acting with proper responsibility?”

Finally someone who is looking out for We The People!  God bless Judge Scotti and keep him safe!

According to the preliminary investigative report Sheriff Lombardo shared with the public last month, investigators looked at 21,560 hours of video and 251,099 images.  I hope all of that will be released, but who knows?

The lawyer for Metro,  Nick Crosby says he believes Metro will be releasing “thousands” of pages of documents and “hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hours” of video.

RJ attorney @VegasMaggieEsq: “The idea that Sheriff Lombardo has published a report and that’s good enough just isn’t the case. Again, while we appreciate the report, we appreciate the press conferences, the public has a right to assess the actual facts for itself.”

Replying to @AdamHerbets @VegasMaggieEsq

“Who, other than Lombardo, is fighting to keep the evidence withheld from the public? And more importantly, why?”

One for the American people!  We finally got one.  I am excited and thankful for this Judge and others pushing for these records.

Judge Scotti will be checking back on March 7 on the progress of redactions on the documents.

Here is some information, which has already been released:


These include E-mails,  Marilou Danley information, Instagram, cell phone records, and purchases from Amazon.

2.Throughout the 300 pages of FBI search warrants, agents repeatedly used the same sentence, at least a dozen times. to describe what they found inside the Mandalay Bay.

3.“Officers and Agents found over 20 firearms, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and hundreds of spent shell casings in the Mandalay Bay hotel rooms, in close proximity to Paddock’s body.”

4.It is unclear why the FBI would state there were only “hundreds” of spent shell casings inside the room Paddock used to carry out this mass shooting, considering at least 600 people were hit. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has stated that, thankfully, the majority of Paddock’s shots did not land. If this is true, one would think that agents would have found thousands of casings — not “hundreds.”

5.Throughout other areas of the documents, the investigators wrote they found “over a thousand rounds” inside Paddock’s car and “over a thousand rounds” inside Paddock’s Mesquite residence. Still, only “hundreds” inside the Mandalay Bay.


SOURCE:  http://investmentwatchblog.com/nevada-judge-orders-metro-to-release-all-october-1-videos-and-documents-from-las-vegas-massacre-plus-a-question-i-have/