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Taiwan’s huge earthquake aftermath [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 6, 2018

A magnitude-6.4 earthquake struck on Tuesday near the coast of Taiwan, killing two hotel employees and injuring at least 186 other people, officials said.
It occurred at a depth of about 9.5 kilometres (6 miles).
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SHOCK AUDIO: Quentin Tarantino Defended Roman Polanski’s Rape of 13 Year Old Girl [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 6, 2018

Alex Jones presents shocking audio from Howard Stern’s radio program where infamous film director Quentin Tarantino defends Roman Polanski taking advantage of a 13-year-old child.


Crazy Hillary Clinton Is Back, And Blames Misogyny And Sexism For Her Presidential Loss [VIDEO] [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 6, 2018

SOURCE : https://goo.gl/K2pH2D
Crazy Hillary Clinton Is Back, And What She Just Did Will Make Your Blood Boil
Is it still 2016? I could have sworn the calendar says 2018. Yet, we still have to sit and listen to the rantings of loser Hillary Clinton. This woman refuses to go quietly into the night. Instead, she’s back again, and what she just did will make your blood boil.We’re getting to the point where average Americans are beginning to hate the Democrats. Yes, it’s wrong to hate people, but when an entire political party behaves like deranged children, how else can you respond? Every last one of them, from Chuck Schumer to Maxine Waters, rants like maniacs. They seem to have no grip on reality. Instead, they continue to make wild and bogus claims about America, Republicans, and the President of the United States.