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UNFOLDING NOW: Pro Linebacker Just Found DEAD – NFL Desperate To Hide Who Killed Him [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 5, 2018

Record Blizzard Slams Russia, Britain Faces One of the Coldest Weeks of Winter [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 5, 2018

Heavy snow has struck the Moscow region, as people struggle to make their way through large snowdrifts. Local authorities efficiently cleaning away the intense falling snow have reported large traffic jams, stranded airport passengers, and dozens of fallen trees. Meteorologists warn that is only the beginning.

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Historic! Congress Calls For Criminal Charges Against Top Democrats Over RussiaGate Hoax Full Show [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 5, 2018

Sunday, Feb. 4th: Dems Panic Over Memo – President Trump declassified the FISA memo detailing surveillance abuses by the FBI & DOJ, and the Democrats are in full damage control, drafting their own memo refuting the original memo’s claims. Meanwhile, job numbers for January have been excellent, and Americans are beginning to see more money in their recent paychecks. Volunteer Preston Sharp joins the show to talk about his work for veterans and experience at the State of the Union address. Intelligence insider Zach also joins us discuss the lasting impact the memo will have on the political landscape, and what comes next. We’ll also take your calls on this global transmission. Tune in!

Trump blasts ‘Little Adam Schiff’ over press leaks as he hints top House Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat gabbed to reporters while Don Jr. was testifying in secret

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  • Donald Trump said Monday that top House Intelligence Committee Democrat Adam Schiff is among Washington’s ‘biggest leakers and liars’
  • Schiff was seen leaving private hearing room several times while Donald Trump Jr. testified behind closed doors in December
  • CNN published information from inside the secret session while it was going on 
  • ‘Little Adam Schiff … ‘leaves closed committee hearings to illegally leak confidential information. Must be stopped!’ Trump tweeted

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5353447/Trump-blasts-Little-Adam-Schiff-press-leaks.html#ixzz56FUWADfm