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The Best Explanation of What the FISA Memo Says, What It Means and How Mueller Will Be Destroyed [VIDEO]



Published on Feb 2, 2018

We told you so! Mueller’s toast. Nunes is a hero and Trump . . . well, he’s a genius. What a grand day for liberty-loving patriots and a dour day for the fetid and olid Deep State. Bwahahahahaha!

The Nunes FISA memo release accuses senior officials at the DOJ of inappropriately using biased opposition research into then-candidate Trump to obtain surveillance warrants on transition team members as part of the federal investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia, ZeroHedge reports.

According to the document, information from the the so-called Steele dossier was “essential” to the acquisition of surveillance warrants on Trump campaign aide Carter Page. It claims that then-deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe told the committee in December that without the information from the Steele dossier, no surveillance warrant for Page would have been sought.

The memo alleges that the political origins of the dossier — paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) — were not disclosed to the clandestine court that signed off on the warrant request.


Alex Jones Reads The FULL Declassified FISA Memo On Air [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 2, 2018

Alex Jones reads the full declassified FISA Memo live on air after President Trump officially released the 4 page redaction from the documents released by Infowars weeks ago- PLEASE SHARE!

Congressional memo alleging FBI abused spying powers released [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 2, 2018

Congressional memo has now been released, after receiving approval from the U.S. president.
Memo accuses FBI and Justice Department of securing a warrant to spy on Trump’s presidential campaign based on unverified claims in the Trump-Russia ‘Steele’ Dossier, which was paid for by the Democrats.
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Former FBI Director James Comey Calls Team Trump “Weasels & Liars,” Gets Brutal Surprise [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 2, 2018

SOURCE : https://goo.gl/Vk3z2H
Former FBI Director James Comey Calls Team Trump “Weasels & Liars,” Gets Brutal Surprise
Former FBI Director James Comey let loose on President Donald Trump and company, calling them “weasels and liars” after news broke that Trump would not honor the FBI’s request to redact all names in the FISA memo. Now, Comey’s getting a brutal surprise.
Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey is officially unhinged. According to The Gateway Pundit, Comey lit up Twitter with a nasty verbal assault on his political enemies, calling them heinous names like “weasels and liars,” while invoking the name of Joe McCarthy.