The Global Warming Great Extinction Hoax

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Global warming fraud scientists claim we are in a great mass extinction. Here is an article in Time that represents that claim:

Trouble is, the scientists that study mass extinctions think that is ridiculous.

“Global warming is causing a “great extinction” event.


Besides the potential financial costs of global warming, some claim that the modest 0.8°C of warming we have experienced since the mid-19th century is causing more species to become extinct, others say it is the growth of the human population. In fact, National Geographic has claimed we are in the “sixth great extinction in the Earth’s history.” Nadia Drake proclaims that the current extinction rate may be 100 times the normal rate. This is also the subject of a book entitled The Sixth Extinction, by Elizabeth Kolbert. If true, this is a considerable cost of either global warming or human population growth.

Experts in the past five extinction events do not support this idea. Smithsonian paleontologist Doug Erwin, an expert on the Permian extinction that may have wiped out 90% of the species on Earth, says those claiming we are in a similar situation simply do not know what a mass extinction is (see here). Erwin points out that somewhere between 0 and 1% of species have gone extinct in recent human history. Consider what he told The Atlantic, in an interview:

“So, you can ask, ‘Okay, well, how many geographically widespread, abundant, durably skeletonized marine taxa have gone extinct thus far?’ And the answer is, pretty close to zero,” Erwin pointed out. In fact, of the best-assessed groups of modern animals—like stony corals, amphibians, birds and mammals—somewhere between 0 and 1 percent of species have gone extinct in recent human history. By comparison, the hellscape of End-Permian mass extinction claimed upwards of 90 percent of all species on earth.”

Daniel Botkin (UC Santa Barbara environmental scientist, bio here) has estimated that the extinction rate for animals and plants is about one per year. This is not an alarming rate and is very far from a “mass extinction” event.

“In the Danish press I pointed out that we had long been hearing figures for the extinction of the world’s species which were far too high – that we would lose about half of all species within a generation. The correct figure is closer to 0.7 percent in 50 years. This led to the Danish chairman of Greenpeace, Niels Bredsdorff, pointing out that Greenpeace had long accepted the figure of 0.7 percent.” Lomborg, Bjørn. The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World (p. 17).