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Hillary Clinton Compares Trump To Weinstein – Sheriff Clarke Has Enough And Said THIS On Live TV! [VIDEO]


Published on Oct 14, 2017

Hillary Clinton compares Trump to Weinstein Sheriff Clarke has enough and destroys her on Live TV. Sheriff David Clarke went on Fox & Friends to trash Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton

Dicamba more dangerous than RoundUp? : Another Monsanto Tragedy [VIDEO]


Published on Oct 14, 2017

Mike Papantonio and Attorney Kim Adams talk about how there are now more than 2,000 dicamba-related injury investigations by various state Departments of Agriculture. Dicamba is a Monsanto weedkiller that appears to be giving the company the same legal problems as its other herbicide, Roundup.

‘You bullsh*t, Don’t f*ck with us’: Philippines’ Duterte threatens to expel EU diplomats from Manila [VIDEO]


Published on Oct 15, 2017

Tough-talking Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has warned the EU and other states he could order their diplomats to leave ‘in 24 hours’ for calling for his country to be barred from the UN over its bloody drug war. The EU denies making such a statement.

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