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“GO AND LEARN” President Trump DESTROY Hillary Clinton & Her Book [VIDEO]


Published on Oct 6, 2017


“You’re a DISGUSTING & a GARBAGE LIAR” Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Hillary Clinton with Trey Gowdy [VIDEO]


Published on Oct 6, 2017

“You’re a DISGUSTING & a GARBAGE LIAR” Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Hillary Clinton with Trey Gowdy
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16 years of US in Afghanistan: No clear end in sight [VIDEO]


Published on Oct 7, 2017

Saturday marks 16 years since the beginning of the US invasion of Afghanistan. In 2001, then-President George W. Bush accused the Afghan government of sheltering the Al-Qaeda leaders who masterminded the 9/11 attacks. That saw the beginning of the ‘war on terror,’ now America’s longest-running conflict.





Clergy abuse happened as recently as 10 years ago, lawsuit claims

USA TODAY18 hours ago
HAGÅTÑA, Guam — Some of the sexual abuse that more than 100 children on Guam are alleged to have suffered at the hands of Catholic clergy happened …

Victims seek justice for former Maspeth priest’s sex abuse

TimesLedgerOct 5, 2017
Victims seek justice for former Maspeth priest’s sex abuse … Up to 15 victims have come forward accusing a former Maspeth parish priest of sexual abuse.

Guam’s day of reckoning after decades of sex abuse

National Catholic ReporterOct 4, 2017
Quintanilla’s announcement wasn’t the first time that sex abuse allegations surfaced against priests on Guam. Guam Senate President B.J. Cruz was having …

Lawsuit: Boy sexually abused daily while living with priest

Pacific Daily NewsOct 4, 2017
Lawsuit: Boy sexually abused daily while living with priest … “While living with Father Andy, plaintiff was subjected to daily sexual abuse,” the lawsuit says.

Vatican hosts conference on child abuse while shielding priest

LifesiteOct 5, 2017
Vatican hosts conference on child abuse while shielding priest wanted for child … a conference on protecting children from internet-based sexual abuse while …

Judge finds probable cause to charge priest with sex assault

NJ.comOct 2, 2017
Last month, the Archdiocese of Newark received a protective order shielding the personnel files of Walters and two other priests accused of sexual abuse from …

Former Catholic priest facing trial accused of 19 historic sex abuse

getwestlondonOct 4, 2017
The then 68-year-old was arrested in 2010 on suspicion of historical sexual assault after a man claimed he had been the victim of sexual assault at the school, …

Ex-Maspeth priest molested girls: lawyer

Queens ChronicleOct 5, 2017
Sex abuse happened at school, in Holy Cross Church, in the rectory next door … The lawyer represented many of those sexually abused by priests in Boston a …

$50M lawsuit filed against former Chicago priest Daniel McCormack

WLS-TV2 hours ago
It says memory of the abuse had been repressed until this summer. … McCormack has spent time in prison and at a state mental facility for sex offenders since …

Man claims sexual molestation by Talofofo priest

KUAM.comOct 5, 2017
Another victim of clergy sex abuse comes forward. G.E.J. alleges he was sexually molested by Father Andrew Mannetta at the San Miguel Parish in Talofofo.

Up to 50 witnesses could be called for Cardinal George Pell’s …

The Sydney Morning HeraldOct 5, 2017
Cardinal Pell, 76, who has vigorously denied all allegations of sexual abuse, …. Pell, Australia’s highest-ranking Catholic priest, faces historical sexual abuse …

Accuser: No update from Rome about Apuron trial

Pacific Daily NewsOct 4, 2017
Attorney Jacqueline Terlaje argues her client Archbishop Anthony Apuron’s motion to dismiss the clergy sex abuse lawsuits filed against him by former Agat altar …

Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States


National Survivor Advocates Coalition






 Antifa satire site. Great fun.





Two BIG food holidays within a month has never made sense to me.






OK, this is very dark, very Talmudic weird. Bizarre to the ninth degree. As always, enlarge to read. It would be interesting to be the proverbial fly on the wall for interviews. Some folks really do live in a strange “reality”.


Stilton Says: Hard to believe she’s still using air that should have been Tom Petty’s. 
Following the horrific massacre in Las Vegas, decrepit former entertainer Nancy “These Boobs Were Made For Sagging” Sinatra has come up with a brilliantly simple way to permanently end gun violence in our nation.

Specifically, she wants all five million members of the NRA to be lined up against a wall and shot to death by firing squads. Granted, this would have absolutely no effect on criminal gun violence in our country, but the massive domestic holocaust would at least temporarily slake the bottomless blood lust of those on the Left and (bonus!) get them to support funding for Trump’s really big wall so they can have someplace to line up so many citizens.

There could also be a positive little bump in the nation’s textile industry which would need to quickly provide five million blindfolds to those who would rather not accidentally gaze on Nancy Sinatra’s smug, withered visage before they’re executed.

Since Ms. Sinatra is clearly clueless, we’d like to give her one: genocidal fascists like you are the reason that good people want guns, and the reason that the NRA exists to protect them from your murderous, anti-constitutional impulses.
Granted, lead balloons aren’t expected to fly…but in times like these we think they’re just the thing for lowering one’s self into quieter, calmer waters for a bit.
All of the news and social media nonsense surrounding the nightmare in Las Vegas has actually managed to make a horrible situation worse. Finger-pointing, conspiracy theories, and political opportunism are all running rampant as people try to find a way to “never let a serious crisis go to waste.” And it sickens us.

On a more personal level, we’re mourning the loss of Tom Petty ~ a damn good rocker about whom “workmanlike” should be considered a term of praise. He was an American original and spoke to and for the heartland. He created a lot of great music, and we’re saddened that his contributions are too soon over.
So please pardon this rambling, self-indulgent post. Following the horror in Las Vegas, it’s going to take awhile for us to get back into the levity habit.

Running to the store for milk would be such fun!



IQ Distribution throughout the United States. Very interesting. California is one of the more interesting states. Consider cultural and political distribution. Enlarge.











Artist Comment: Australian Border Security: Jihadists returning to South-east Asia from Middle Eastern battlefields have vowed to target Australia for their role in supporting the U.S in the ongoing fight against terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria.











And no, this is not funny, eh. Canada has contributed greatly to the world. We may not be flashy but we have done a lot both good and bad as has any other great Western nation. This is the kind of sentiment expressed by both Stephen Harper and Justine Trudeau.


The incredible dramatic natural beauty of autumn in the Muskoka Lakes of Ontario. You would paddle about in your canoe or hike about in the crisp forest and then return to the cottage to be overwhelmed by the amazing smells coming from the wood stove.





I am more than a little bewildered by events in Spain but the general drift is Spain wants to keep things as they are and the Catalonians have different ideas about it. I have also seen interviews with Catalonians who say that they are confused because it is not for the people any longer but a battle between forces out for their own agenda.



The the rest of Europe divided itself up into regions. Please enlarge. 































And Americans thought Rachel Dolezal was strange. Meet Martina big who started modeling as a petite blonde then decided to grow the biggest bosom in Europe. No woman can be a serious model with a chest like that so question her motives. Even mammoth mammaries were not enough for this woman. She has had herself injected with tanning fluids, botox injections to fill out her lips and thicken her nose, and now fully identifies as a black woman. You be the judge.  










 Quite the little woman!




Artist Comment: Somebody’s Daughter: As the gun smoke clears, America prepares to bury its massacre dead.



Artist Comment: Gunsmoke Death Cult: America’s obsession with firearms and the consequences of a gun for every man, woman and child. Another variation on previous cartoon “Somebody’s Daughter”.






















Every innocent life lost as a result of this liberal criminal policy is on this filthy little schmuck’s hands.








**Rules imposed by the Food and Drug Administration prohibits gay men from donating blood if they have engaged in any kind of sexual encounter with another man for the past 12 months.


 Countdown to the next time.
















Policeman attempting to revive a wounded woman while protecting her with his own body. Yep. Toxic masculinity in action.







According to the map above, compared to many other states, California had a very low level IQ. The state will have to sink or swim on its own. What a mess the Communists have made of that former paradise.




 Buy them for YOUR children today!






 Of course he denies it all!
Just another victim of conspiracy nut-jobs.

















Artist Comment: Yemeni Gun Sight: Yemen’s three year-old civil war: Where massacres and bloodshed are a daily way of life, and as usual it is the children in the line of fire.



 Nobel Peace Prize












 Nip this in the bud.

























Vintage Vietnam Cartoons. I offer up the entire collection even if I disagree here and there.