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The View Fires Host For Not Worshipping Hillary Clinton! [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 21, 2017


Hillary Clinton campaign chief Podesta thanked Facebook for ‘help & support’ during elections – WikiLeaks [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 29, 2017

Podesta emails reveal that Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg wanted Hillary Clinton to win “badly”, provided research to her in March 2015 and met privately with her on multiple occasions.

11 year old girl had ‘consensual’ sex with 28 year old man, French court rules – rape charges dropped [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 29, 2017

French prosecutors have dropped rape charges against a 28-year-old man who they say did not force a girl of 11 to have sex with him. The incident has sparked mass outrage, with critics saying that consent is not possible at such an age.