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BOMBSHELL: Federal Records Show Chelsea Clinton Funneled $11 Million in Federal Contracts to Her Friend’s Phony Think-Tank

During Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, more than $11 Million of federal contracts were awarded to a questionably legitimate think-tank, which is owned and operated by Chelsea Clinton’s “Best Friend”.

Jacqueline Newmyer, who Chelsea Clinton says is her “best friend”, owns and operates Long Term Strategy Group (LTSG). Over the past 10 years, LTSG has been awarded more than $11 million from a Department of Defense think-tank known as the Office of Net Assessment (ONA).

Long Term Strategy Group, has a virtually non-existent website and has no security clearances, yet to date they have received $11.2 Million in federal contracts according to USAspending.gov.

Transactions between the federal government and LTSG

LTSGThe reason that LTSG was never given security clearances is that they failed to set up proper facilities to store and manage classified material. This issue reminds many of the unsecured private email sever that Hillary Clinton kept in her basement, which was hacked by multiple state actors.

It remains unclear who initiated the relationship between Newmyer and the DOD, but early reports all lead back to Chelsea Clinton as the intermediary that sparked the relationship, likely through her mother, Hillary Clinton, who at the time was Secretary of State.

It’s also unclear what work was ever rendered to the Department of State from LTSG.

This receipt for services obtained by Offended America shows that LTSG was paid $1.2M in 2009 for “Research and Studies”

While Newmyer did attend Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, her studies and research at the university had little to with modern day military strategy. This lack of a track record on relevant topics is part of what has many raising questions about how Newmyer’s firm (LTSG) could have ever been paid more than $11 Million by the Department of Defense.



China Orders All Their Companies In North Korea to Close Within 120 Days [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 28, 2017

In the latest sign that China is moving to dramatically limit its exposure to its restive neighbor and long-time economic dependent, Chinese authorities on Thursday ordered all North Korean firms to stop doing business in the world’s second-largest economy, fulfilling Beijing’s obligations according to the latest round of UN Security Council sanctions, which were passed two weeks ago.

The order comes just days after President Donald Trump revealed that the People’s Bank of China had asked the country’s banks to sever their business ties with North Korea.

Specifically, they were ordered to stop providing financial services to North Korean customers and to wind down existing loans, severing one of North Korea’s most reliable connections to the global financial system. It was reported that the banks were warned that continuing to transact with North Korean business could result in embarrassment and economic losses, according to Russia Today.

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Trump suspends Jones Act international shipping restrictions on aid to Puerto Rico for 10 days [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 28, 2017

Amid mounting pressure, President Donald Trump suspended shipping restrictions for hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. The White House says a temporary 10-day waiver of the Jones Act has been issued to speed up deliveries of food, fuel and other critical supplies to the island. RT America’s Marina Portnaya has more on this from Miami.



Published on Sep 28, 2017

The New York Times just published an op-ed entitled, “Why I Admire Anthony Weiner.” In the op-ed, writer Sally Satel argues that she admires the man who was just convicted of sexting a 15-year-old child because he cried in court and said that he knows he is responsible and wants to get better