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Pope Admits Church Was “Late” In Addressing Clergy Sex Abuse

HuffPost19 hours ago
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) ― Pope Francis, in some of his most candid and personal comments on the sexual abuse of children by priests, said on Thursday that …

French cardinal to face trial over ‘cover up’ of priest’s sex abuse

The Local FranceSep 19, 2017
A French Cardinal will go on trial in April accused of covering up the sexual abuse of children by a paedophile priest in his Lyon diocese over 25 years ago, …

University report lifts the lid on child sexual abuse in the Catholic …

National Catholic Reporter2 hours ago
University report lifts the lid on child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church … Both are former Catholic priests, Cahill of the Melbourne Archdiocese and Wilkinson …

Priest Jonathan Graves jailed for child sex abuse

BBC NewsSep 18, 2017
A former Church of England priest has been jailed for 12 years for torturing and sexually abusing two schoolboys in the 1980s and 90s. Jonathan Graves, 60, of …

Judge denies probation for priest convicted of youth sex abuse at …

The Courier-JournalSep 19, 2017
A Meade County judge has denied a probation request by a Roman Catholic priest found guilty of molesting a boy at a summer camp in the 1970s.

Retired priest faces judge on child sex abuse charges

WPXI PittsburghSep 20, 2017
LEECHBURG, Pa. – Channel 11 was there as a retired Westmoreland County priest faced a judge on accusations that he sexually abused a 10-year-old boy.

New details from man who claims church covered up sexual abuse

Valley News LiveSep 21, 2017
New details from man who claims church covered up sexual abuse … N.D. (Valley News Live) New information from the man who claims a priest molested him …

More than a dozen abusive clergy served local parishes

taosnewsSep 21, 2017
St. Anthony Catholic Church in Questa, where several priests who were found guilty of sexual abuse of a minor served. At least a dozen priests who have been …

Another sex abuse case filed against priest

KUAM.comSep 17, 2017
Another clergy sex abuse lawsuit filed in the District Court of Guam. 48-year-old “M.I.Q.” alleges he was sexually molested and raped by Father Louis Brouillard.

Lawsuit: Guam priest sexually abused boys simultaneously …

USA TODAYSep 18, 2017
The lawsuit, which is among dozens accusing Brouillard of child sexual abuse, was filed by 48-year-old “M.I.Q.” who, like most plaintiffs, used his initials to …

Victim alleges priest tried to drown him

Pacific News CenterSep 22, 2017
R.A.S. says he was so traumatized from the incident that he never returned to the Catholic church ever again. Guam – The latest sex abuse lawsuit filed against …

Minn. Bishop Settles Civil Lawsuit Alleging Coverup of Sexual Abuse

Church MilitantSep 21, 2017
Bishop Settles Civil Lawsuit Alleging Coverup of Sexual Abuse … 16 by Msgr. Roger Grundhaus, a priest of the diocese, in 1971 during a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio.

An Australian priest is being investigated in Papua New Guinea over …

Newcastle HeraldSep 22, 2017
AN Australian Catholic priest is being investigated by Papua New Guinea police for … “What Father Neil did was definitely NOT a form of sexual abuse or …

Lawsuit: Priest took nude photos of boy, sexually abused him and …

Pacific Daily NewsSep 19, 2017
M.S.B is the 109th person to file a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Agana and other religious orders over alleged sex abuse by clergy or others affiliated with …
Lawsuit: Priest took nude photos of altar boy
The Guam Daily PostSep 19, 2017

Retired Priest Accused Of Abusing Boy Waives Hearing

CBS Pittsburgh / KDKASep 21, 2017
Retired Priest Accused Of Abusing Boy Waives Hearing … John Thomas Sweeney waived a charge of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse on Wednesday.

Former Crookston priests identified in sexual assault case

WDAZSep 19, 2017
But despite the fact that it was so long ago, he says it’s important to raise awareness about the issue of sexual abuse in the church, to stop it from happening in …

Archdiocese names three Taos County priests in list of molesters

Sangre de Cristo ChronicleSep 16, 2017
The church’s public naming of individual priests guilty of sexual abuse is a tactic the Roman Catholic Church uses as it moves toward transparency and healing, …

Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States


National Survivor Advocates Coalition





 This expands to a legible size.

 Canada’s Voter ID system works perfectly. Why mess with it?

Communist globalist architecture. There is a reason some folks prefer nationalism! They don’t like that dark sameness. 

In The Name Of Mankind ~ Jan Kleintjes ~ 1914
Hat tip to 90 Miles From Tyranny for this absolutely magnificent piece of art macabre. Please enlarge to study its beauty and the messages contained therein. There is so much more depth of spirituality to be plumbed in vintage macabre art than the schlock value of more modern offerings. Again this week, there are several pieces from this proudly deplorable site posted here for your enjoyment.

 Thanks to James Perloff.

Connect the dots, dear reader! When Communism is being enforced, once they have passed their usefulness, among the first of the population to be eradicated are the intellectuals. This especially includes educators (Unless of the Tribe) from the cultural Marxist system from the Frankfurt School. One of this establishment’s goals was to infiltrate America’s educational systems to corrupt society from the bottom up, meaning beginning with the children. On the other hand, with Pol Pot under Kissinger’s guidance in Cambodia,  this meant the assassination of anyone who wore glasses since this indicated potential literacy.

 Creating peace.

Love, love, love this couple.

Seriously? Here you go: Because according to PETA, cheese is the most sexist thing you can eat. The innocent-looking piece of Provolone on your sub sandwich or wedge of Brie at cocktail hour is actually the “product of imprisonment, rape, reproductive control, kidnapping, and abuse.” Pizza, anyone? In its never-ending quest to equate animal rights with human rights (founder Ingrid Newkirk’s famous quote is “a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy”), PETA claims cows are raped to produce the milk that ends up in your mozzarella. Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/450275/peta-cheese-product-rape-and-abuse

Antifa daycare

Yep, sure looks like Republican graffiti to me!  Gotta laugh at such lame yidiocy. Conservatives don’t play that victim game. A thoroughly liberal/Jewish victim tactic.

I suppose the free phones Obummer gave out a few years ago were not good enough for her?

Back to those Communist educators…. sigh. We must get them away from children.

Methinks those gender-bending meds have serious psychological side effects.

And I tell everyone I am a 5’4′ woman, perfect figure, violet eyes, lashes for days, flawless skin and shiny sharp teeth, with long blonde curls below the waist, a walk that slays men where they stand, and they all believe me….. Rolls eyes. Who is honest in the computer world? Alas, precious few of us. And yes, that is what I look like. Believe at your own risk!

Blind optimism. Sometimes it works!

I suggest NEVER.

Justine virtue signalling at the UN

Trust babies both without a clue about the cost of anything.

This current marijuana debate is terribly contentious. As a lifelong smoke, it bores the heck out of me. I doubt things will be ready by July 1, 2018. “We don’t have enough breath analyzer trained road police.” is one excuse. Liquor stores want in on the action. (Bad idea!) No one can decide what forms the product can take ~ smoke, edible, balms, oils, so on. How to make it the same grade from one side of the nation to another, an impossible task. And so on. All ludicrous. Oh and then there is regulation of sales, of production, or … again you get the idea. I am sure many of the difficulties come from figuring ways to make maximum tax profits from the endeavour. I also believe Justine floats this part of his agenda whenever his popularity is flagging because, pathetically, many Canadians voted for him on the pot issue.

One dead, one PM. Methinks someone got it wrong but then, HRC was not ticked off at Justine.
No, Stephen, never. These “either or” situations are not natural. Those who select potential leaders for the unwashed electorate tend to offer up the worst of both ends of the spectrum. Harper was detested and voted out for a reason. Trudeau is detested for a reason. Neither candidate is much of a deal to the people.

Pedestrian overpass somewhere in China.

 I could not last more than 10 seconds.

One never drank or did drugs. The other was an addict to sex, drugs, alcohol ~ and married to HRC.

 Martin is a despicable excuse for a human being but this is simply not right.

These folks are SERIOUS! As IF!

 How the German media portrays the opposition to Merkel.

 The Home Coming Marine by Norman Rockwell, 1944

 Hong Kong is losing its freedoms one by one.

 The mountains of Iceland.

Israel and Kurdistan. A lot of questions here. Meanwhile 200 000 Israelis plan to move there when the country is created. The Kurds have made a deal with the devil.

Artist’s Comment:  Athlete’s Foot: A common skin condition of the feet characterized by red and inflamed areas of discomfort. On this International Day of Peace and with the Israeli-Palestinian peace process (hopefully) back on the cards after Trump’s meeting today with Palestinian President Abbas, I think all parties will have to apply some healing aloe vera of Peace onto the inflamed areas of that foot. Good luck with that.

 “Why we are so sorry to kill Palestine babies. They make us do it!”
That famous image of the two boys? Staged. Both Jewish.

 They just can’t help themselves!

I love how much power they are giving President Trump when they make up these ludicrous things.

Having worked in school yards for many years in the past and dealt with so many childish altercations, I can state without hesitation that, when it came to getting the story, the above image is completely accurate.

It was nauseating but I checked the story. Beyond trashy enough to leave me wanting to shower, the thing that struck me was how… Antifa-ish these youngsters were. My conclusion: Let us hope they don’t breed. Of course, this particular pursuit makes that entirely a possibility.

Even the Royal Prince in England was given the same decree at his school! So, no learning about friends and relationships but, below, lots of need to learn about gender issues.

 Great observation.

 The Demise of the Middle Class

 The Tic

Heck, when I used to visit my ex husband’s Philippine family back in the 1980’s, the babies would stare and then cry when they saw me. They had never seen a white person with red hair in their house before. Just the way things are, certainly not racism dear lord.

 Remember the pioneers? Did they not do the dirty work for so many people by crossing the nation?


 Love this. Resistance.


Cover of some men’s magazine. The captured American women are out to take down a Nazi camp to save the world from Hitler. 
Oh, dear! How on earth did “Jewish Nazi Porn” get there? Please accept my deepest apologies. 
Ooops. I did it again! Darn, so sorry, folks.

Hurricane Maria remains a category 3 storm this Saturday morning. It has begun it’s trip northward.



Hurricane Maria Becoming a U.S. Rip Current, High Surf Threat As It Moves Away from the Bahamas


Maria is moving away from the Bahamas into the open Atlantic.

Runoff from earlier heavy rainfall is still contributing to a flood threat in Puerto Rico.

Maria will bring high surf and rip currents to the U.S. East Coast into next week.

Direct impacts to the U.S. East Coast from Maria next week remain uncertain.

Hurricane Maria, a Category 3 hurricane, is moving away from the Turks and Caicos and the southeastern Bahamas as major flooding continues in Puerto Rico.

Maria is likely to bring high surf and dangerous rip currents to the U.S. East Coast into next week. The center of Maria is currently expected to remain east of the East Coast through the next five days, but direct impacts cannot be ruled out at this point.

Happening Now

Hurricane Maria is currently located about 340 miles east of the Nassau, in the Bahamas and is moving north-northwest at about 9 mph.

Maria’s eye has become better defined in satellite imagery and data from an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicated that the central pressure had fallen but winds had decreased slightly to 120 mph, still a powerful Category 3 hurricane.

Current Storm Status

Maria is currently experiencing some southwesterly wind shear, which is likely causing the asymmetrical appearance around the eyewall. Some fluctuations in intensity are expected over the next few days, but Maria is expected to remain a Category 3 hurricane through the weekend.

Early next week, Maria will track over colder sea-surface temperatures left behind by Jose, which should result in weakening.

Rain is beginning to dissipate near Puerto Rico in association with a large plume of moisture that is following Maria. The National Weather Service says that major flooding was ongoing in Puerto Rico on the Rio Grande de Loiza, Rio Grande de Manati and La Plata basins. Runoff from the higher terrain on the island territory continues to bring flooding concerns.