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Donald Trump Destroyed Kim Jong Un With Two Words: Rocket Man [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 22, 2017

Donald Trump in his speech at the United Nations he completely destroyed Kim Jong-Un using the weapon tyrants fear most. Mockery.


The Poisoned Land [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 22, 2017

Big Pharma is selling tonns of opiates to American people. American cities are suffering from lead, in the water and soil. Meanwhile, thousands are in prison for hemp. In today’s episode of the World According to Jesse – Governor Ventura looks at how these three issues are tied together, and how one can be used to solve the other.

Nancy Pelosi Run Off Stage at Press Conference [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 19, 2017

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Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Nancy Pelosi Run Off Stage at Press Conference, 1795

Synopsis: Yesterday in San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi was shouted down by the very dreamers she was there to have a press conference about urging passage of the Dream Act to protect the children of illegals from deportation.
About 60 so-called “Dreamers” mounted the stage shouting, “All of us or none of us,” and “Democrats deport”. The raucous group managed to shout down all attempts to proceed with the carefully orchestrated event.
After an hour of noisy chanting and speech-making on the part of the Dreamers, Pelosi and two Democrat colleagues gave up and left the venue through a back door.
This demonstrates yet another step in the decline of civility in the democratic process – only this time, it is being used against Democrats, instead by them against supporters of President Trump.
Democrats have been crushing these American political traditions for several years now and this is the end result. Now new socialists, yearning to get their young faces on the nightly news are angling to replace the old socialists – and modeling their bad behavior.
Unless Democrats take an about face and start moving back towards bi-partisan governance and treating, yes, even Trump supporters with respect, the bonds of comity that have bound the Republic together will only disintegrate at an ever-faster pace – fracturing the nation.
This is exactly what our enemies want. And, unfortunately, our enemies are now amongst us. Democrats need to heed the lessons of history – just as in the French Revolution – when the Republic descends into thuggery, the thugs will come for the Democrats first.

Prosecutors told a Manhattan judge that Anthony Weiner should serve two years in prison for sending sexual material to an underage girl. [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 22, 2017

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Jason Hopkins for Western Journalism reports, Federal prosecutors have handed down their punishment recommendation for disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-NY. Prosecutors told a Manhattan judge on Wednesday that Weiner deserves to serve about two years in prison for sending sexual material to an underage girl.

See the report here:

‘100% natural & no chemicals’: Russian food producers boom in wake of Western sanctions [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 22, 2017

It’s been over three years since the first economic sanctions were imposed on Russia. Shortly after, the country responded with counter-measures, banning imports of Western foods in the country. And it’s sparked an unexpected boom in Russian food production. RT’s Miguel Francis Santiago went to Moscow stores to check out if domestic farmers can compete with the West.