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MSM REPORTS: WHITE SUPREMACISTS are stealing black people!! Oh wait, they’re just helping FLOOD VICTIMS


Houston underwater: Flooding, pollution, and chemical plant about to explode [VIDEO]


Published on Aug 30, 2017

Even the weakened storm ‘Harvey’ is showing no mercy for residents of Texas and Louisiana. Record-shattering rain fell overnight in the cities of Beaumont and Port Arthur, unleashing more devastating floods, while a chemical plant near Houston may soon explode. RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports

‘How DARE you question Madame Hillary!’: FBI won’t release files & court enables DNC corruption [VIDEO]


Published on Aug 30, 2017

The FBI is refusing to release Hillary Clinton’s files, saying to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) petitioner that there was insufficient “public interest” to outweigh Clinton’s privacy concerns. Also, a class action lawsuit has been thrown out for technical reasons, the implication being that the Democratic National Committee will go unpunished for rigging the primary campaign against Senator Bernie Sanders. Lionel of Lionel Media joins RT America’s Anya Parampil to offer his take.

Vehicle Attempts To Ram Trump Motorcade: Assassination Attempt? [VIDEO]


Published on Aug 30, 2017

Infowars reporters Rob Dew and Owen Shroyer break down shocking video showing a vehicle driving towards President Trump’s motorcade. https://www.infowars.com/breaking-att…



Vehicle Appears from Woods as Trump Motorcade Drives By

Driver’s brakes malfunction at nearby call center

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– A strange video surfaced on the internet Wednesday showing a car appear from the woods along Kearney Street as President Donald Trump’s motorcade passes by.

At about 1:15 into the video a white car appears from a wooded area onto Kearney street as President Trump’s motorcade passes.


WikiLeaks: Here’s how the New York Times treats their alleged sources:




WikiLeaks: US Military Fails to Link Alleged ‘Manning’ Leaks With Any Deaths


FT. MEADE, Md. (CN) – The largest intelligence leak in U.S. history, disclosed by Pfc. Bradley Manning to WikiLeaks, did not lead to the deaths of any military sources, the government’s first sentencing witness testified Wednesday. Manning has long admitted to sending WikiLeaks more than 700,000 confidential files, including U.S. embassy cables, Guantanamo detainee profiles, […]