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Tucker: Bannon’s departure from White House “is a big deal”

Trump thanks Bannon following White House departure

“I think that there is a lot of risk actually for the Trump administration in this”


INTELLIHUB) — Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that Steve Bannon’s departure from the White House is no small thing.

“I think this is a big deal,” the Fox News host said Saturday while appearing on air from Montana. “Bannon was one of the only populous conservatives in the White House, in fact, really at his level one of the only rare Republicans in the White House and he [stuck] out because we were at odds with virtually every possible policy topic — energy, climate, trade, immigration, foreign policy.”








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Clergy sex abuse suit says former priest Brouillard swam naked …

Pacific Daily NewsAug 18, 2017
After former altar boys tearfully went public with allegations, a law was passed to open doors for lawsuits against the church, clergy and others. Pacific Daily …

Pope Francis says sexual abuse by priests is an ‘absolute …

The GuardianAug 16, 2017
Pope Francis has branded sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic priests a “monstrosity” and pledged action against perpetrators and bishops who …

Priests Should Be Charged if They Don’t Report Child Sex Abuse

NewsweekAug 14, 2017
Catholic priests should face criminal charges if they fail to report allegations of child sex abuse disclosed during confession, according to an Australian inquiry.

Former Hutchinson priest accused of sexual abuse

Crow River MediaAug 17, 2017
Glencoe Police Chief Jim Raiter confirmed Thursday morning that police are investigating an accusation of sexual abuse against the Rev. James Devorak.

Retired Diocese Of New Ulm Priest Facing Allegation Of Sexual Abuse

KEYCAug 18, 2017
Retired Diocese Of New Ulm Priest Facing Allegation Of Sexual Abuse … A retired priest with the Diocese of New Ulm faces an allegation of sexual abuse.

Australia: Court Hears Harrowing Accounts of Child Abuse in …

NewsweekAug 15, 2017
Ballarat is considered one of Australia’s worst-affected areas for incidents of sexual abuse by Catholic priests. It is named in Vatican Cardinal George Pell’s …

Former Area Priest Accused of Sexual Abuse

KDUZ/KARP RadioAug 15, 2017
(KWLM/New Ulm MN-) A priest who served at several area churches has been accused of sexual abuse. In a letter sent to parishioners by Bishop John Levoir of …

Catholic archbishop says he would rather go to prison than report …

The IndependentAug 16, 2017
“We are satisfied that confession is a forum where Catholic children have disclosed their sexual abuse and where clergy have disclosed their abusive behaviour …

Read Cardinal O’Malley’s statement on children of priests

The Boston GlobeAug 16, 2017
At their ordination, Catholic priests make a promise of celibacy, a commitment … Father, proposing norms and practices for protecting minors from sexual abuse.

Priest Frank Brennan warns he will defy confessional crackdown

The AustralianAug 14, 2017
Australia’s best credentialed priest on legal matters will defy any new laws to convict Catholic clergy for breaking the seal of the confessional on child sex abuse …

Illinois wipes out statute of limitations for child sex abuse

WLS-TVAug 14, 2017
Illinois is making it easier to prosecute sex abuse crimes against children. … While priest abuse survivors have been pushing for the new law for years, the …

Clerical abuse scandal hits Argentine president’s school

ABC NewsAug 13, 2017
After nearly four decades, Varela broke his silence about sexual abuse he suffered at … a Passionist, and by at least one Christian Brother priest at the school.

Pedophile Priest Told Altar Boy Sex Abuse Is ‘Part Of God’s Work’

The InquisitrAug 15, 2017
Former Catholic priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale has pleaded guilty to sex crimes against children as young as 6-years-old during the three decades he abused …

Australian commission proposes requiring priests to reveal details of …

Aleteia EN (blog)Aug 15, 2017
The bishops of Australia have indicated that they will resist the Royal Commission’s proposal that priests be legally obligated to disclose details of sexual abuse …

Former Boy Scout recalls alleged abuse

The Guam Daily Post17 hours ago
A new lawsuit accuses a Catholic priest involved with the Boy Scouts of sexually … This relationship resulted in “numerous instances of sexual abuse and …


Catholic Citizens of Illinois (press release)Aug 12, 2017
SEX ABUSE CRISIS ROCKS CHURCH IN GUAM … as minors, they were raped and subjected to other forms of sexual abuse by priests in the archdiocese.

Sexually deviant priests sent to Tagaytay for rehab

Philippine StarAug 12, 2017
For every 20 priests in the Galilee Center, which has a capacity of 45, four are …. This way, we are solving the problem (of clergy sexual abuse) at the same time …

French Archbishop Admits Failings in Response to Pedophile Scandal

U.S. News & World ReportAug 12, 2017
Sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic priests first made headlines in the U.S. in 2002, when a newspaper investigation revealed U.S. bishops had moved …

Ridsdale pleads guilty to rape, sexual assault charges

Warrnambool StandardAug 14, 2017
Mr McWilliams said Ridsdale abused his position as a priest to befriend and then abuse the children, who were aged between six and 13. Some of the children …

Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States


National Survivor Advocates Coalition




What a week this has been! That is all I have to say at the moment. It will be a miracle if I manage to complete this post tonight. Computer problems proliferate. Every time I type a word the screen flashes white. The techie just came and went (at 10 pm.!) and has temporarily fixed my pc so I can get this out. For awhile I thought the Hard Drive was gone. Anyhow, I will just comment as I go along here. This is rather harsh on the eyes.


Artist Comment: Our World!

Thank you, Blackbird9! Blackbird’s Wednesday evening broadcast is among the best modern cultural de-programming you can find. Not only that but the accompanying chat room is always busy and a lot of fun. Good supportive companionship, much banter, the sharing of a lot of excellent links, and information exchanged from some fairly insightful controversial regulars. The room motto is “Everyone is a newbie so be kind” prevails but does not dampen the wit of the room in the least. This chat is never dull, always amusing and respectful, people share. Highly recommended. 

Artist Comment: In the wake of yet another Islamist terror attack, more must be done by moderate Islam to combat the radicalization of Muslim youth in Europe. Likewise, when jihadists return from middle east battlefields there needs to be consultation with authorities on the best way to manage and rehabilitate those people back into society. You moderate Imams. Stop with your mixed messages. You MUST intervene when evidence suggests that hardline teaching is taking place in mosques around Europe. For the sake of the future of your religion…it’s time to eradicate this stain on Islam.

Stilton nails it again! Please enjoy this short Stilton Rant. His rants, often scotch-inspired, are as bittersweet as his cartoons. 
We only WISH there were glasses which could filter out the blinding, glaring stupidity which radiates constantly from mainstream “news” sources. But sadly, such filters are exclusively internal and, rather than shaded pieces of plastic, are composed of actual functioning brains. In other words, they’re inaccessible to virtually everyone on the Left.

An aside: we’ve had a busy and sporadically frustrating day, and now find ourselves in the position of writing this blog post under the (very welcome) influence of our 3rd scotch. And not our usual sleazy-ass scotch: this is a pretty tasty single malt aged in an old Sherry cask.

And we earned it fair and square. Not just from the home construction stuff, which is frustrating but going smoothly enough. But from the brain-frying level of insanity galloping through our news media and popular culture at the moment. We’re referring specifically to the total meltdown related to Donald Trump saying that all violent, racist hate groups are bad, and the President’s apparently unforgivable assertion that he likes to have facts before making broad pronouncements.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, various “business” advisors to President Trump have very publicly dumped him and their positions giving counsel on creating jobs in America, because they don’t want to run the risk of being branded Nazi-sympathizers.

In other words, the Left has managed to create a ridiculous fantasy which now makes it less likely that Donald Trump can energize our economy and create jobs to the degree we’d all hoped. And how does Wall Street feel about that? Predictably, it’s running around in headless chicken fashion. Seriously, every day that the media accuses Trump of Nazi sympathies – or suggests that he’s now ripe for impeachment – we personally lose thousands of dollars from our retirement account, and it pisses us the hell off.

Mind you, we’re not among the “evil rich” who can laugh (no doubt haughtily) upon losing a few grand here or there. No, we’re members of the “unlikable upper middle class” (white privilege division) and when that kind of cash is lost just because liars have bullhorns, it tends to rankle.

(We pause briefly to stare at the page and ask ourselves two questions: 1) are we getting away with this commentary, and 2) should we go for that 4th scotch…?)

As if the news wasn’t bad enough, we had the horrific ISIS terror attack in Barcelona today in which dozens were mowed down by a speeding van, hostages were taken, and more. About which, CNN had the unbelievable gall to ask “was this a copycat attack modeled after Charlottesville?”

THAT, my dear friends, is the sort of asinine question that sends good men back to their scotch bottles. And yes, that means we just poured a 4th glass.

We’re not going to get deeper into the Trump foolishness: he’s right, they’re wrong, he’s said and done the appropriate things, and we fully support him. Okay, his tweet about General Pershing’s anti-Muslim pork-tainted bullets was a bit over the top, but we’re going to let it go because A) his comment was amusing, and B) we should really be doing that.

This is what happens when you forget your history?

There is more truth to this cartoon than meets the eye.

Artist Comment: Under the pretense of filtering “fake news”, Google is actively working to suppress Leftist and Progressive news and opinion sites on the Internet.


Treason from the inside.

May he weather these storms.

The tragedy in Barcelona injured people from 34 nations. Memorial cartoons from around the world are different from the usual commemoratives which proliferate after a terrorist attack. These tributes are far more artistic, inspired by Spain’s cultural contribution to the arts of a robust European tradition. This act was more than  an attack on the people of Spain, it is an attack on the soul of their very culture. 


Artist Comment: Boots of Spanish Leather: Eyewitnesses have spoken of the eerie sight of empty shoes littered across Barcelona’s La Ramblas promenade after Thursday’s Islamist car-ramming attack which left at least 13 dead and more than 100 injured.

Artist Comment: Attack in Barcelona: The Islamic State (ISIS) struck the heart of Barcelona yesterday and left at least 13 dead and more than 100 injured in the most serious attack on Spain since 11 March and the first jihadist since. A van was launched against the hundreds of people who were in La Rambla. The Mossos confirmed that this is a coordinated attack.

Young terrorists in Barcelona. The new generation.

This is my favourite of the week. Just too silly. Down in the hood perhaps?

This is one reason that everyone who they disagree with is called a Nazi. Tradition.

And then there is ISIS.

Please enlarge.

Bussing in the troops. Who pays for all this?

Antifa lite.

No comment.

Good catch, Mr. Garrison 

One of the best shots from Charlottesville.

Artist Comment: I Just Got Banned From Facebook for Thirty Days: … for this cartoon “AmeriKKKa” which I posted on Facebook a couple of days ago. They said I’m banned for 30 days for “violating Community Standards”. It’s my second 30-day ban this year. It makes me think I’m being targeted when I look at some other cartoonists work which has the same theme but which HAVEN’T been banned.I’ve sent them a request asking why, and I explained that it’s an ANTI – Ku Klux Klan cartoon. Will they reply to my question? Probably not, as usual. I’m fucking ANGRY.

But, but… Trump already laid blame at the feet of all concerned! Media ignores that simple fact.

Don’t forget: this is the daycare generation come to physical maturity. Rockefeller really was on to something when he financed feminism and had child care of the increasingly young handed over for State conditioning paid by the parents.

Don’t hold your breath!

This young man patiently, politely, quietly endured foul and aggressive abuse from that woman and a chanting crowd. This week, I have just learned, His Pensacola Christian college booted him out. Allen Armentrout says:  “I have been released from my school and will be unable to return to college to finish my senior year. I’m processing this and making adjustments to my life to compensate for this scrutiny.”

This, people, is what the fuss is really all about. We are being presented with a social justice issue but in reality, it is the removal of history, who people really are. The racist shyte is shaking around in Pandora’s box of evils by those who wish to ultimately rule us and our planet. MORE divide and conquer.

Wouldn’t this be nice?

Some people wonder at this madness to destroy our culture. They “get it”.


Do you remember several years ago when they began to put forth the concept that the Founding Fathers were traitors and vile to the core? Now we see the results of such conditioning and  liberal “education”.

In South Afrika…

It is horrible what happened to this woman. But to make her a martyr is rather misleading to say the least. A martyr is one who puts him/herself in jeopardy for a cause they believe in strongly enough to give their life. Heather Heyer was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, to be fair, we must remember that Rachel Corrie, too, was raised to martyr status in Palestine and used by some as a political tool. (I know that might anger some, but it is a fact.)

Very Misleading. Very misleading. There is no comparison between boxes 1 and 2 with 3. Comparing apples and oranges.

They did not even care that Robert E. Lee was a democrat!

Misleading.The way they have portrayed Trump and his response as hypocritical and irresponsible. The end goal is to make anyone who thinks for themselves or supports Trump cannot be taken seriously because they are “Nazis”. This they intend to use cumulatively against him in 2020.

Why would he blame the Right?

He wanted the facts first. But that was not good enough. NOTHING is good enough with these people. (((Where have we seen that before?)))

The hatred for Trump in the media is unbelievable. I have shown only some of the better quality misleading cartoons. There are thousands of them! The Nazi references are just the usual Bolshevik garbage but sadly, it seems to be working with the hoi polloi.


Totally ignored by the JMSM. 

MISLEADING, blaming Trump yet again, and insulting all of his base.

Makes me scratch my head and go “Hmmmm?”

Backstabbing in its lowest form. Sour grapes?

Immediate results of the Charlottesville madness:

I may have little use for The Daily Stormer and its founder but I see this action as part of that slippery slope to totalitarianism . I think along the lines that I might powerfully disagree with what they say and think on so many levels, it is necessary to defend their right to say these things ~ just as it is my right to ignore them with full awareness of their foul content.

Trump is responsible! They are all Donald.

The ultimate goal of all this muss, fuss, betrayal and backstabbing.



A penny for your thoughts.

I heard that belly laugh!

Artist Comment: Train Accident in Egypt

Elizabeth dreams of Brexit.

This is totally fascinating. Hard to wrap your mind around the concepts, let alone pronounce.

Do it and try not to be too shocked by what you find. Or rather what you DON’T FIND.

Artist Comment: Stray dogs turn BLUE after drinking and washing in water from Indian river used to dump industrial waste.  Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4791764/Stray-dogs-turn-BLUE-swimming-Indian-river.html#ixzz4q733QdHB



I wonder if I could wear that lovely shirt and get away with it. This college professor can. 

A real Obama legacy. Meanwhile the sanctimonious ex president is praised for having big Twitter ratings for hypocritical comments regarding events in Charlottesville.

Somewhere in Brazil.

Artist Comment: Qatar vs the Siege Countries

Hat tip to James Perloff.

Palestinian children in jail.

Israel tears down Palestinian homes and the dreams of children.

As a Canadian in liberal lalaland, I pay for it with every discussion involving politics if I even whisper his name.

One particular blogger posted this photo of her very overweight hedgehog Beans. She happens to be sort of controversial according to some so her work is under the watch of TPTB. Her account was taken down for “fat shaming” because of this image! It was up again fairly quickly, but that is an example of just how silly nasty petty things have become. 

Erdogan is bringing Coca Cola into Turkey and the Muslim population is furious.