No Planes on 911 – Part 1 by Gari Jones [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 3, 2015

This is a slightly edited version of a compilation video made by Gari Jones. You can see the full video here:

Here is Gari’s description:


This video is dedicated to everyone who still believes that real planes crashed on 9/11.
I ask everyone to forget everything you have learned or have been told about 9/11. Start here with a fresh clean slate and let your mind go blank. For the information in this video will prove conclusively that NO REAL PLANES were used on 9/11.
This subject has been talked about since at least 2005/6 and despite years of ridicule it is this information that stands out as the truth. Years of psychological mainstream media propaganda has poisoned peoples minds into accepting an official story so riddled with errors and impossibilities that it makes a mockery of all that we know about science, engineering and aviation today.
Keep an open mind and just listen to the real evidence and see for yourself that no real planes could’ve caused the damage we saw at all four crash sites on 9/11.
Impossible Physics, Speeds, G-Forces, Manoeuvres and Impact Dynamics.
Lack of debris, lack of any physical evidence, no serial numbers, no DNA identification or any bodies, false flight data recorder and no plane recovery identity done by the FAA.
The documentation that shows Flight’s 11 & 77 did not take off on 9/11 and that ACARS data shows Flights 93 & 175 were still airborne after their alleged crash times. No passenger manifests, boarding cards, ground crew testimony no confirmed CCTV footage of any of the hijackers arriving at the airports or boarding the planes. And the fact that several hijackers were still alive after 9/11.
The evidence that goes against the no planes on 9/11 is quite extensive while evidence that goes the other way is almost non existent. It is this evidence that has been ignored and ridiculed by lying and corrupt media, politicians and military towards citizens who have demanded answers.
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