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Israeli metal detectors at Temple Mount

Artist Comment: Plane Rage. Violent air travel incidents are on the rise, and experts are saying that tighter seating, alcohol consumption and fewer flight attendants are to blame, leaving many stressed-out travelers literally foaming at the mouth as they find themselves herded like cows into an environment they can’t control.

Oh, but ain’t THAT the truth!

Conditional peace

Brigitte and Napoleon Macron

Artist Comment: Violence has flared in south-east Turkey on Monday following the decision to extend the government-backed state of emergency.

Bezos and Amazon?

That darn common sense gets Maxine every time.

OMG! The word “man” and “manliness” are repeated THREE times in this very politically incorrect advertisement. Shockingly sexist!

The prose about protecting our independent womenfolk is truly sweet. But so very not PC.

Having lost a young niece to brain cancer some years ago, I can attest, it is as horrific a drawn out way to go as any other. It does effect the brain and McCain should step down. Now. I would not wish this illness on anyone, even a creature as foul as Senator McCain.  Amazingly he is already being lauded as a great hero in the editorial cartoon milieu. Perhaps he should receive the same medical treatment that your friend Marys uncle never got….. Just saying that everyone should have a decent plan not just the uppity-ups. I would wish McCain good healing, but that is about it.

Not so much.

Artist Comment: Killer Fries. Calorie-dense and nutrient-poor junk food containing high amounts of sugar and fat kills more people worldwide than terrorist attacks, car accidents and Alzheimer’s disease combined.

NGOs, Soros, Immigration in the EU

Hoping for the good health and luck of a friend who in hiding. Oh, Canada, my home and native land….

This is a photograph of the skies over the lake I grew up on. Please enlarge. We had never even heard of computers back then!

Can you imagine a similar projected called “Dropping the Drawers” to celebrate the diversity of male members ever being funded? Perhaps another name for this project could be, “I am pussy, hear me roar!” Sorry I could not resist that one.
“A place where a community of women could reflect on their bodies and celebrate the beauty of it all through a liberating, creative art form. “Raising the Skirt” by artist Nicola Canavan is exploring that in her series of portraits of everyday women, as they share the beauty of their bodies, while exploring their relationships with their vaginas and what they symbolize to them.”
Modern art! Yes, truly delicate work, reminiscent of the ancient masters. Would DaVinci approve?

I posted this simply because the name of the poster “MommyDrinksWineandSwears” made me laugh. But the sentiment is apt, too.

Apologies but I could not find this with a larger font. But the material is worth finding your enlarger for.

 Enlarge to read and understand.

These guys created The Matrix series and then got blue pilled!

Recall that photo above somewhere of the ugly woman holding up the “Monogamy” sign? She was at this large orgy.