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Lawyer on the Run from FBI: Targeted Poor People And Social Security [VIDEO]


Published on Jul 16, 2017

Mike is joined by Mollye Barrows, Legal Journalist for The Trial Lawyer Magazine, to talk about a lawyer running from the FBI after scamming poor low income clients and the Social Security Administration of millions of dollars.


US Homeland Security Outlines MANDATORY Biometric Scans at Airports for Foreign Travel [VIDEO]


Published on Jul 16, 2017

Over the past couple of months I’ve been covering some disturbing developments at national airports that seem to show an acceleration of the plan to use biometric identification in a variety of ways.

On May 19th I reported on a new program initiated by Delta Airlines at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport to have automated baggage kiosks for “priority customers” that will first scan a traveler’s passport, then their face in order to match identity to checked luggage. It was promoted as a “pilot program” that Delta launched to seek customer feedback in the hope that it could be rolled out more widely in the future.
With that as the backdrop, if one weren’t already alarmed by this trend, DHS is now laying out a clear plan for mandatory face scans for all travelers to foreign destinations, stating that “the only way for an individual to ensure he or she is not subject to collection of biometric information when traveling internationally is to refrain from traveling.” That’s right, no opt-out, just stay home.

The full 18-page DHS document is posted below and is also available at the bottom of this page at TechDirt.

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Fox News contributor Lisa Marie Boothe said ‘soulless’ Hillary would ‘sell her only child to be president’

Literally Lisa: Fox News contributor Lisa Powers Boothe (above) said on 'The Five' that Hillary Clinton 'would literally sell her daughter to be president'

Lisa Marie Boothe appeared as a guest host of ‘The Five’ Friday night calling Hillary ‘the most soulless woman on this planet,’ and then went on to say that the former Secretary of State ‘would literally sell her daughter to be president.’

Boothe then punctuated her comment by adding: ‘Sell her only child to be president. I mean, that’s how much she wants it.’



The Pentagon Secretly Tested Chemical Weapons on American Soldiers


The Pentagon carried out a series of secret chemical and biological weapons tests on American military personnel in the 1960s and 1970s, McClatchy DC reports.

Known as Project 112 and Shipboard Hazard and Defense (SHAD), some 6,000 military personnel were involved in the tests, most from the Army and Navy.

The purpose of the tests, carried out between 1962 and 1974, was to develop a response plan to a chemical attack—using deadly nerve agents such as Sarin and Vx gas, as well as bacteria such as E. Coli—and to identify weaknesses in U.S. warships.

“Veterans were exposed to some of the most extreme and hazardous agents […] and they now suffer from debilitating health care conditions,” said Ken Wiseman, senior vice commander of the Virginia VFW branch, at a press conference on Wednesday.

Exposure to Sarin, the same nerve agent Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stands accused of using on his own people last April, can produce symptoms ranging from difficulty breathing and dimmed vision to coma and death. The Trump administration launched a retaliatory missile strike on the Syrian regime for even being accused of using such an agent.

McClatchy’s Anshu Siripurapu gives more background:

Information about the tests first surfaced in 2000. At the request of the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Pentagon released some limited data about the nature of the tests, including the locations and the agents used. Since then, the VA has sponsored studies by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine in 2007 and 2016 to look at the tests’ effects.

While they found no significant difference in the health of veterans involved in the tests and those who were not, the authors acknowledged the difficulty of studying this issue.
“Our task was challenging because of the passage of time since the tests, and because many of the documents related to the tests remain classified,” last year’s report said. “Our requests for declassification of additional documents were not approved.”

Until Thursday, a bipartisan group of congressmen including Reps. Mike Thomspon, Don Young and Walter Jones pushed to get the documents about the tests declassified, or to at least receive an explanation why they must remain secret.

“It’s been over 50 years since these tests were conducted and the DOD has yet to provide a complete accounting of what truly happened to our service members,” Thompson said. “Veterans can’t wait any longer.”

Unfortunately, on Thursday House lawmakers shot down the effort, outright preventing a vote on whether or not to disclose details of the chemical tests.

“It’s shameful,” Thompson said.

Caroline Boothe, a spokeswoman for the House Rules Committee, the body that decides what gets considered on the House floor, said the committee felt the decision to declassify the documents was better left to White House officials, such as Defense Secretary James Mattis.

“These tests were an ugly part of our history,” Thompson said on the House floor on Thursday. “They put veteran lives at risk. And our veterans have every right to know what it was they were exposed to, how much they were exposed to, we need to think about their safety and their security.”

The disclosure may still have a chance in the senate, however, as a Republican senator from Kansas, Jerry Moran, is also on board the effort.

The chemical tests conducted in the 1960s and 1970s would not constitute the first unethical experiment involving bio-chemical agents. The U.S. government, decades before the tests in question, carried out numerous similar experiments on unsuspecting civilian populations and military personnel alike.

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This Saudi prince now owns more of Twitter than Jack Dorsey does

A Saudi prince has increased his holdings in Twitter, making him the company’s second largest shareholder.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, who in 2011 invested $300 million in the social network, now owns 34.9 million shares of Twitter’s common stock, according to a new regulatory filing (pdf).

At nearly 5.2%, his stake in the company is now larger than that of Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder and newly re-minted CEO, whose 21.86 million shares give him 3.2% of the company, according to FactSet. (The prince previously had a stake of roughly 3%.)

Twitter co-founder Ev Williams remains the company’s largest shareholder, with 46.56 million shares for a 6.9% stake.

The investment might seem like a major stamp of approval for Dorsey, who was named Twitter’s permanent CEO on Oct. 5 and is tasked with turning around the company. (The prince’s updated holdings are as of Oct. 6.) But during Twitter’s CEO search, the billionaire prince was vocal about his opinion that Twitter needed a new CEO—i.e. someone other than Dorsey, who at the time was in the role on an interim basis.

Alwaleed, who serves as majority owner and chairman of the Kingdom Holding Company, is also a significant investor in News Corp, Citigroup, and the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.



15-minute video: America’s Dark History Of Lying To Go To Worldwide Wars … [VIDEO]


Published on Jul 2, 2017

From Vietnam to the first Gulf war; the more recent Iraq war, and then Libya and now Syria, the U.S. government has a long dark history of lying to justify invading other countries…

Please bear in mind that this just covers a few historical incidents of their methodology at work… the proverbial Rabbit Hole runs much MUCH deeper.

If you are interested in learning more about what’s really going on in the world today, please read my essay: https://anewkindofhuman.com/unadulter…

And to learn more about how media and governments around the world lie to us and manipulate us read my other essay here: https://anewkindofhuman.com/29-times-…

Song used at end of video: https://youtu.be/l_nyMMvQSQo

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