President of Poland Stands Up To Defend President Trump Against CNN FAKE NEWS PIECE!

So it looks like Polish President is furious with CNN over their fake news report saying the First Lady of Poland would not shake President Trump’s hand.

This turns out to be a concocted story by CNN. The actual protocol in Poland is that the First Lady shake the hand of the visiting First Lady first. She did this, and then shook President Trump’s hand.

Somehow CNN edited the video to cut out the part in which she did shake Trump’s hand.

The President of Poland took to Twitter (see below) trolling CNN calling them fake news. He went on to say that he and Trump had a great visit.

It was good to see someone stand up and defend our President.




Just days after the network threatened a private citizen takes its last dying breath. Andrew Kerr for Western Journalism reports, CNN’s ratings are plummeting, according to a Thursday cable TV rankings report by TV Newser.

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