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Know Your Rights … No Warrant No Entry [VIDEO]


Published on May 7, 2017

they try to come into his home unaware he knows his rights.


The Left’s Push For Pedophile Acceptance [VIDEO]


Published on Jul 6, 2017

Children are sacred beings, little angels that we must protect at all costs.


Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse



Remy: This is CNN [VIDEO]


Published on Aug 29, 2016

Remy is back to highlight what CNN considers news.

Written and performed by Remy. Music Mastered by Ben Karlstrom. Shot and Edited by Austin Bragg.

About 2 minutes.

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Finally, what has gotten into Russia’s top Olympian?
Needles, apparently.
More on that later as we yield for Breaking News.
Ed? Thank You.

Breaking news that’s horribly tragic
and if your children are watching, we warn you, it’s graphic
our lead story tonight atop the report
was Donald Trump eating chicken with a knife and a fork?

Plus, this Trump supporter is 11 years old
so what are his thoughts on the–are you reading the scroll?
who he thinks is best fit to lead us
and would he have voted for Obamacare he was a fetus?

Look, I really don’t mean to step on your staging
but it seems like there’s war and some battles are raging
reporting the news–is that not our vow?
You know what, you’re right. I’ll cover it now

Well the war continues (yes!) on Twitter as planned (no…)
between Donald Trump and a Littleton man
The fighting is fierce, no sight of the end
follow it all on our app–you’re watching CNN

What I mean’s while we’re reading these trivial mysteries
people are dying, we’re losing our liberties
They’re inside our…wow…isn’t that banned?
Inside our hardware. I understand.

They could be in your phone at this very moment
Pokemons! This town is Pokemon Go-ing
Plus, this expensive beer–how hoppy’s the taste?
Fareed Zakaria is here to copy and paste.

Look, I really just think that there’s stuff that we missed
Like, holy crap, is that true? Does that list exist?
Cover the news. Shake up the ranks.
Yes! Do that. I’d lost my way. Thanks.

Well it’s a hidden document upon which fates swing
Fortune cookie fortunes–who’s writing those things!?
Plus, a man with no parachute just took a dive
in today’s most newsworthy instance of one flung from the sky

I know this is tough so forgive the belittling
Rome is engulfed and we’re sitting here fiddling
executive orders, economy stuttering
these are the stories we’re sitting here covering?

War in Afghanistan, hurt in Iraq
you’d need $5 foot-longs for Turkey this bad
Can we cut his mic?

Well, the war on whistleblowers continued today
we’ll update the condition of that Little League referee
Plus, it took the Olympics by storm, but what is it like to cup someone?
Josh Duggar is in the studio…


President of Poland Stands Up To Defend President Trump Against CNN FAKE NEWS PIECE!

So it looks like Polish President is furious with CNN over their fake news report saying the First Lady of Poland would not shake President Trump’s hand.

This turns out to be a concocted story by CNN. The actual protocol in Poland is that the First Lady shake the hand of the visiting First Lady first. She did this, and then shook President Trump’s hand.

Somehow CNN edited the video to cut out the part in which she did shake Trump’s hand.

The President of Poland took to Twitter (see below) trolling CNN calling them fake news. He went on to say that he and Trump had a great visit.

It was good to see someone stand up and defend our President.





Just days after the network threatened a private citizen takes its last dying breath. Andrew Kerr for Western Journalism reports, CNN’s ratings are plummeting, according to a Thursday cable TV rankings report by TV Newser.

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Nuking transparency: Pentagon hides nuclear weapons inspections reports [VIDEO]


Published on Jul 9, 2017

The Pentagon is increasing the secrecy level of its nuclear weapons inspections, according to the Associated Press news agency. Safety and security reports had previously been made available to the public.
Transparency campaigners say the move goes beyond US national security concerns, and fear it’s about covering-up incompetence.

John Podesta Responds To “Whack Job” Trump In Angry Tweetstorm

PODESTA 66666666666


In response to President Trump’s tweet that Democratic National Committee (DNC) email leaks were the talk of the G-20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany…

John Podesta pulled his car off the road and unleashed a tirade at the “whack job” president…

And once he was safely at a ‘pit stop’, the torrent of abuse began…

As The Hill reports, Podesta finished off his broadside against Trump by urging him to focus on the G-20 summit, rather than commenting on the ongoing controversies surrounding his administration back in Washington…

And we are sure, now that President Trump has “accepted” Russia’s denial of their involvement in hacking the election, we are sure, John, Hillary, and the gang at CNN and MSNBC will have plenty to tweet/chat about.