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 Knucklehead rioters.

Oh, dear Lord, but no surprise, it is a child from my part of the world. As I have mentioned previously, the Pacific Northwest is totally rotten with this gender idiocy. They take these things VERY seriously around here. Consider the name of that poor innocent baby already turned into a political weapon. Tell me these parents are not flakes with the leftist agenda gone mad in a JWO/NWO ‘post national’ Communist/Talmudic-approved environment. How can “Andro-ville ZWO” even be legal on a birth certificate since this is all total lalaland fantasy?

Terrifying thing? There are others in the courts here in BC wanting to do similar things! They MUST be stopped asap.

“Separately, Doty is one of eight complainants in a case being heard by British Columbia’s Human Rights Tribunal, according to the Gender Free I.D. Coalition. The complainants are seeking to have gender designation removed from all new birth certificates.”

Italy can take no more migrants. The country is completely overwhelmed by what is being done to it as a result of EU policies.

It is such a pleasure watching CNN hang itself.

G20 protesters.Translation: “Titties against…”
At least they are not yet morphed into Femen.

Artist Comment: Whether we think there is any truth behind them or not, UFO’s and the culture surrounding them inject an enormous amount of money into the economy. Said to be worth upwards of US$100 billion when taking into account merchandising, Ufologist conference-room bookings, movie and television script writing and book publishing to name a few, this cash-cow industry is here to stay.


This is truer than you might want to believe. Having been in such a situation, I can assure you, this is an extremely valid “cartoon” and quite a social statement. Some of the people may do their best, but this is the overall final outlook for most of us who have been so victimized.

There are few words to describe the anger and disgust from most Canadians. This is NOT Mr. Arar, a gentle educated man, who was unjustly detained and tortured for no reason; this is a young man who was cruelly treated but does NOT deserve such fiscal reward at the expense of decent Canadians. The Khadr family is majorly intertwined with terrorism. Trudeau again idiotically panders to the Muslim vote. This idiocy will come back to haunt him, like a rotting albatross tied around his neck.

That darn dumb duck cost Ontario residents $122,000! And how many saw the thing? How many CARED about more than the bottom dollar for this waste of tax dollars by idiot Wynne?

Ask the natives of the Canadian small towns along the US border dealing with this mess the idiot created with his open door policy.

In my city deer are everywhere. Mountain lion and bear populations are strong in the wilderness, but deer move into cities where such predators are either stunned and removed or killed. In the eyes of animal activists, every deer is the newly orphaned Bambi.

Child abuse? Give the kid some sneakers and get him doing something real. Surely there is hope for him yet.

Just casual doodles…. Please enlarge. Amazing work.

Lest we forget. Enlarge to read.

No wonder (((they))) go for the clever folk first!

Based on a real conversation overhead in Dover.

Eurosceptic: “a person who is opposed to increasing the powers of the European Union.”

Now on to deeper issues; Ships from Italy are used to bring about the profitable ongoing invasion of Europe. NGO and company ships will gather these men from the waters in which they were dumped, quite close to Libya, who risk their lives in flimsy overloaded rafts, counting on the good Christian hearts of the White Europeans to save them or perhaps otherwise die of guilt. 

“Those tender Westerners will save you all and take you to Europe where you will be rich and have many beautiful Italian virgins.” Frontex.

Now, a few noteworthy cartoons after the 4th of July:

Uhm. Pathetically, many Liberals celebrated not the Fourth of July but:

I say the same for Canada as well. For all we complain, at least we CAN complain without being tossed into a Turkish prison. We are all, indeed, MOST fortunate to have been born in this nation. Of course, I speak as one born into the golden era of the 1950’s. We North Americans are indeed very fortunate. There is MUCH room for improvement to say the least, but the freedom loving creative sparks of our heritage still burns in our hearts.

Israeli gun sight.

A new, exciting, fact-finding, historically accurate movie that MUST be seen by you all. Imagine a movie on the shoah without a single image. It must be a miracle! But of course, it is all true in their imaginations. Uhm, didn’t they expose Treblinka as a lie recently?

The not-so-slow creep of communism in Hong Kong in the past 20 years.

My next door neighbour committed suicide a few weeks ago. Why? She was the damaged child of a woman broken during WW2 by those Bolshevik hordes. Her mother survived after watching the bloody destruction of her family, eventually moved to Canada, married an equally broken man and produced 3 children who were raised by a mentally deranged woman. She raised children what were  damaged. Their children, in turn, were also suicidal and none survived. These crimes do not just disappear with the immediate victims of such horrors. They can reverberate down through the generations but somehow the gentile victims who survived Bolshevik Communism never get acknowledgement, let alone compensation. After all, the true curse of Talmudic Bolshevism is another taboo topic in today’s world.

From Morocco: Diplomatic crisis between Qatar and the Gulf countries: Tunisian diplomacy. Below are a series of Arabic cartoons from Memri. I post them complete with translations so that you can see what is being fed to the people of the Middle East. More can be found HERE.

Artist Comment:Potty Mouth. CNN news anchor and chief agitator Anderson Cooper.


They don’t even bother to give her a wardrobe allowance obviously.

Why is this front page news in Israel? Just asking…

Regarding the portrayal of North Korea as the enemy. What we see now is partially blow-back from that unnecessary Korean War back in the 1950’s. America is indeed more than partially responsible for the situation today due to its actions in the past.

De-escalation zones and the Russian compass.

I simply loved this European cartoon….

Lest we forget.

Today’s Dove of Peace in the Middle East.

Weaponization of the media is, indeed, part of a global campaign. You think that the ownership of the media is any different in any nation than in the US where is is all owned by 6 Jewish dominated companies?


OK, We have been going after white men, now let’s aim to bring down their women. First, we introduce them to this communist garbage called feminism, then we hold it against them because of their melanin content. How can this be possible? Oh, yeah, they are just white broads.  Too dumb  and too liberal to see what we are doing to them.

Considering the “hidden truths” of Stalin and the Bolsheviks, I am betting that the average Russian who remembers, or has family who remember, the actions of Stalin, that this poll was taken by a (((Bolshevik))) with irons in the fire of public relations.

Ah, genocide in one of its more advanced forms.
See Here

What is it about holding a cell phone that demasculates this guy? This G20 protester made me laugh.

Sitting in the middle of the road drinking a beer. How very revolutionary. Sad part? This is most likely the high point of his life!

The beheading

Big Ben counting the seconds until the next inevitable attack.

Artist’s Comment: Recently the scene of a car-ramming terror attack which left one person dead and dozens injured, Finsbury Park Mosque in London has long been controversial for ties to terrorist groups, serving as a clearing house for radical Islamists under the notorious one-eyed, hook-handed Imam Abu Hamza al-Masri who is currently serving a life sentence in the U.S for terrorism-related offences.

More reasons why I enjoy Twitter so much. It is truly like that box of chocolates. You never know what you will find!:

The President of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, definitely approves of Trump.

But then she seems to be all woman….

Modri and Nuttinyahoo.

International media, owned by the same folks, is no kinder to President Trump, than most of its American counterparts.