Another reason Antifa and those other Bolshevik tools are encouraged to tear down Southern monument because the Dems are very different today than they were back in the day, on the surface at least.

This is not just a cartoon, folks. Go here to read and be rather shocked by the contents in the letters from “The Watcher” ~ special interest. Make what you want of it. This man claims that UN officials are involved in these conversions, something to be quite concerned about.

Best part of this cartoon? The creature is a bull. No milk there.

The latest outrage from our feckless reckless leader in an interview given earlier today (June 30, 2017) has not made it to meme form. When glowing and gushing about the new Canadians he is bringing to this country, he compared the new immigrants to natural born Canadians and said:

“You chose this country. This is your country more than it is for others because we take it for granted.”  

HOW DARE HE? HOW DARE he speak for me and my family, who came to Canada with Jacques Cartier, say we take this land for granted? How dare he speak for all Canadians and say we do not appreciate the beauty of our nation, something he and his Communist father are striving so hard to destroy? Ask any Canadian stuck far away where they would rather be and they will say Canada. We appreciate our country; I was raised a Canadian, It was nothing we were consciously raised to be proud of, it was just a fact of life and how we lived; my daughters were as well. We know we are gifted to live in such a beautiful country, despite the current misguided politics we fight against. 
Trudeau, You and your bloody Communist concept of “post National Canada” do NOT speak for most Canadians.

Trudeau panders to three groups. The Gay community and all the sickness he promotes in our laws; the military complex; and the Muslims. How he manages to keep manage three contradictory views on so many integral matters is beyond comprehension.

This is more than just a silly meme. Here is a recent headline: 

I had 4 younger brothers. Sometimes hockey fever got the best of them. Winter could be too heavy to clear the rink Dad made for them every winter out back. In the meantime we had a perfectly good, goal-sized basement freezer that looked just like that. Puck marks all over.

Mammy Merkel is happy with her young men. 
Both are bought-and-paid for JWO/NWO Yidiots.
Below is an example of life under Trudeau. 
Angela was against all the LBGTQP-alphabet stuff, 
but that is small taters in her long term aspect of the agenda.

THIS is what Canadian police are concerned about? 
What happened to dealing with crime? Imagine an officer approaching the intoxicated driver of a vehicle, who happens to have funny pronouns, forgets to ask the pronouns during the arrest process. Can the perp successfully sue for damages? I would imagine that is very likely in Canada today.

A true Canadian “oopsies”. So sorry, World.


This is apparently a comparison of the military power of America and the EU.

Gosh, do you see any Syrian refugees here?

These young men are not fleeing war; they are seeking European benefits. Most of them are illiterate and were suckered into paying huge sums for transport after going through incredible odds to reach the shores of the Mediterranean. There opportunists with ships meet them and leave them in cheap overcrowded rafts VERY close to Libyan shores where they are “rescued” by Italian boats and wafted to Italian shores, almost 3/4 farther away than those of the countries they left. There is a lot of money involved; who is sponsoring these atrocities?

Gays are fleeing Chechnya in droves for obvious reasons. 

Not content with taking guns from the British people, now the government is after their knives. Next will be vehicles. Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver will NEVER comply!
Nope, you cannot send your child to the store to pick up cheap utensils! Nanny state protection at its best.

Did you really think it would look like THIS? 
Think FEMA. 
Think mind control and entertainment.

I am not too sure of what this poster is intended to represent but I see it as the attack of feminism on a typical Western woman. The more “liberated” she is, the more she has lost to the parasite.

And what medium do mushrooms thrive in?

The “fragile masculinity” here hit a wall. Just precious, isn’t it? (preferred pronoun?)

Titled “The Bigot”. A person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions. Notice the crucifix. Excellent cartoon.

How can the rudderless Democrats right their ship? For one thing, they can take down the dirty sail that is Obama. He did his best to destroy America. Start repudiating the fools who spout lies and nonsense. Throw the Clintons overboard or even better ~ lock them up. But mostly, they need to do what Trump is doing: Put America first. Don’t hold your breath on that ever happening. MORE.

Sorry. I could not unsee this once I found it. 
I was feeling cruel and had to share the misery.

Johnny Depp’s asinine outburst reminded me of this old poster. Summer blockbusters n all….

Facebook. Pedophilia. Beware.

I called this artist out for such a misrepresentation of the truth. The White House has cut down on the cameras because the press lies, lies, lies, and represents this to the people as an insult to them, the people.

Dead Bookends. The U.S in the Middle East. So much war, so very little achieved. I asked the artist why he forgot Palestine. Several others did also. This is a fine cartoonist who does a good a job to cover an amazing array of topics but it is wonderful to finally see people starting to speak out though and question such things.

Once again, the refugees are being painted as being Syrian. This does not make geographical sense! Those liners are from Africa.

Liberal delusion:


“Women are for children and boys are for pleasure” was also the attitude amongst the ancient Greeks who also endorsed homosexuality for different social reasons, equally tragic for the children.

Meanwhile back in NYC at a “pride” parade….. this celebrated child and his mother were hailed for his bravery by the Liberal mad ones. In fact, Pink Magazine bragged gleefully about how this upset “homophobes”.

Excuse me, but did we not deal with INTEGRATION at great expense and now they want SEPARATION at our expense?
The only reason for this ad from the show is because they DO mention how many now refer to White people as “the default colour”.
 Gearing up to probe into many unsavory places….
 In a Middle Eastern art museum.
 Beware the unspoken thoughts.

 Tennessee’s legal response is a few entries down. California truly has lost it.
What people do not seem to realize is that these dead end jobs were originally held by teenagers and young people as starter jobs. They were never intended to be life time employment. My girl worked one for years while getting her higher education. She told me that the job itself, and they treated her well, was inspiration to keep motivated to achieve the heights she was going for.
Time to clear out and cause further chaos in other climates now that Syria looks to be a poor place for religious mercenaries. That “uppity” Conservative Philippine leader needs to be put back in his place.

So, yet again, Western media darlings the White Helmets have been caught assisting ISIS and other militant groups in beheadings and decaptitated body disposals in Syria. Still, the White Helmets are the good guys, right? I mean, the US media told us so, and Netflix made that documentary about them that won an Oscar n’stuff, right? Right?
 The Trojan Terrorist
Early radicalization