“Politico Got Their Hillary Clinton Articles Approved By John Podesta” Trey Gowdy’s Pissed [VIDEO]


Published on Jun 25, 2017

Trey Gowdy reminds everyone that the media has surrendered when it comes to fair journalism, he reminds the crowd that John Podesta was approving stories on Hillary Clinton and how shady that is, trey gowdy is about to question jon podesta next week so I wanted to showcase this, during the weekends I upload things that I want this clip is from 1 day before the election nov 7 2016, this is a friendly reminder to people that when I find things that I feel are relevant I like to post them and so thanks for watching, this is politics and political news and also politics news this has to do with president trump russia investigation that is going on, john podesta will be questioned about hillary clinton and loretta lynch and obama next week I will have more trey gowdy today and trey gowdy news trey gowdy 2017 is looking like its going to be a wild ride I will be showing it all, the hearing next week will be breaking news and latest news today so don’t miss it. president donald trump talked about how loretta lynch and comey called the investigation a matter and that is troubling trey gowdy talks about wikileaks some and biased coverage from cnn and politico of the election also james comey was seen going into the new york times building a couple days ago so lots is happening msnbc was first to report on it later confirmed by photos



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