Rep. John Ratcliffe proves Hillary Clinton Obstruction of Justice and FBI Director Comey was in on the FIX with Hillary Clinton


June 14, 2017


So this proof… if you DESTROY EVIDENCE… you get to go free…. Comey did not want to prosecute Hillary

Rep. John Ratcliffe proves FBI Director Comey was in on the FIX with Hillary Clinton

AT 5:53 Ratcliffe PROVES the case for Comey.. and he looks the other way…

Hilary: DESTROYED: Laptop / Thumb Drive/ Blackberry / 13 Mobil devices were destroyed with a hammer / Laptop emails wiped cleaned


Ratcliffe does the impossible and within five minutes, gets Comey to confess that he went against every established FBI procedure to let Hillary Clinton and ALL her accomplices go scot-free.


“Deep State” In Shock After Former FBI Director Comey Testifies Before “Midyear” Grand Jury


Destruction of evidence is OBSTRUCTION of Justice.

So we know Comey PROTECTED Hillary… and the Clinton’s know the GAME…