Scoop: McCain Furious at Staff for Exposing His Senility at Comey Hearing

John McCain’s staff yesterday prepared for him a series of questions that had all been asked by the time it was the Arizona Senator’s time to speak to former FBI Director James Comey at a hearing on June 8th.

As such, McCain was forced to “freestyle” questions to Comey. His staffers were panicking when McCain began his comments.

Today, McCain has been heard in his office screaming at his senior Senate staff for exposing his senility.





Even the Washington Post described McCain as “ incoherent.”

At one point, McCain referred to him as “President Comey.” Viewers clearly thought it was notable; Twitter announced it was the most-tweeted moment of the hearing.

McCain later released a statement, joking that “maybe going forward I shouldn’t stay up late watching them Diamondbacks night games.”

McCain spends $2,657,982 per year of taxpayer dollars on his staff of 50 employees.

McCain’s chief of staff is Pablo Carrillo with a salary of $169,459 per year.

Senator McCain has an estimated net worth of $19.6 million and is 80 years old. He has served in Congress longer than most voters have been alive.