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Published on May 27, 2017

Huffington post now says the assassination of DNC Seth Rich is NOT a consiracy theory…



‘I beat both of them’: Hillary Clinton defiantly claims she DEFEATED Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders during the election in interview at her home (not the White House)


  • The 69-year-old made the remark during a new interview about her election loss 
  • Clinton received almost 3 million more votes than Donald Trump in the election 
  • But the Democrat was defeated by Trump 304 to 227 in electoral college count 
  • Clinton also spoke about negative impact sexism had on her chances of winning 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4548040/Hillary-Clinton-says-beat-Donald-Trump-election.html#ixzz4iNIUIhbL

FBI ‘warned MI5 (UK domestic counter-intelligence agency ) in January that the Manchester bomber was planning an attack on Britain’


  • The FBI told MI5 that Abedi was planning an attack in Britain in January this year
  • But they thought he might be planning to assassinate a key political figure
  • MI5 investigated but ‘nothing came of it’ and he slipped down the pecking order
  • It will pile more pressure on MI5 to reveal when and how they knew of Abedi 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4548892/FBI-warned-MI5-Manchester-bomber-planning-attack.html#ixzz4iNDYFRHc

Penta… gone? $2 billion of equipment sent to Iraq failed to be accounted – report [VIDEO]



Published on May 27, 2017

A U.S. government report has revealed its military cannot account for two-billion dollars’ worth of arms and equipment it sent to Iraq, to bolster the country’s security forces in the fight against ISIS. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/8cmk