HERE WE GO AGAIN: Top scientist says all you’ve been told about salt is WRONG: It won’t give you a heart attack

– while having too little will make you fat and ruin your sex life


A diet low in salt reduces the sex-drive, inhibits the chances of getting pregnant and affects the birth weight of infants


Eating too little salt can cause insulin resistance and may even increase risk of diabetes, says leading cardiovascular research scientist

  • Dangerous myth that salt raises blood pressure began more than 100 years ago
  • Current daily guidelines limit you to 2.4g of sodium 
  • Average Korean, for instance, eats over 4g of sodium a day – yet they have some of world’s lowest rates for hypertension and coronary heart disease


Low salt intake has several side-effects that magnify our risk of heart disease, such as increased heart rate, compromised kidney function, underactive thyroid glands, heightened insulin levels — a risk factor for diabetes — as well as heightened cholesterol