Hillary Missing After It’s Revealed Where Seth Rich Was Headed When He Was Assassinated Now [VIDEO]


Published on May 21, 2017

Hillary Missing After It’s Revealed Where Seth Rich Was Headed When He Was Assassinated – Now Look Who Just Hired An Attorney

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It’s starting to look like the 30 year Clinton crime spree, which started all the way in Arkansas, might finally be coming to an end.
It’s now being reported that the real source of the Democrat Party email leaks was never the Russians. It was actually a 27-year-old Democrat staffer named Seth Rich who seems to have favored the candidate Socialist Bernie
Sanders over Crooked Hillary Clinton in the Primaries. When he learned and got proof of the rigging that was going on by the Clinton camp in collusion with the leadership of the Democratic party he went on to report his findings anonymously to the website “Wikileaks.” It’s being rumored that when Killary Clinton and team got a whiff of what was going on they quickly moved to find out who the leaker was. When discovered, just like all the rest of the people who have ever gone against the Clintons, he was conveniently murdered. Of course, this was either an accident or just plain bad luck. Right, Killary?
A few days later it was reported that Rich was killed in a robbery in DC. A robbery where no money was taken. Not even the fine watch he was wearing at the time was taken, nor his credit cards or phone which he was using at the time to talk to his girlfriend. Very odd. Even the Rich family has gone on the record questioning the official story of a robbery.
It was closing time at Lou’s City Bar when Seth Rich drained the last of his Bell’s Two Hearted Ales and started walking into the muggy night in a trendy neighborhood of northwest Washington, D.C. At 2:30 a.m. on July 10, the torrid heat that had gripped the city for weeks had eased slightly, with temperatures slipping into the low 70s. Maybe it was the relative cool that prompted him to walk through several dark, dicey blocks to his apartment in Bloomingdale, a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood a mile away.
Or maybe he thought the walk would do him some good after venting to his longtime bartender about his unsuccessful efforts to reconcile his love life with his 12-hour days at the Democratic National Committee.