Comet Ping Pong pizza’s James Alefantis Tied to Seth Rich Family DNC ‘Spokesperson’ Brad Bauman [VIDEO]


Streamed live 19 hours ago
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James Alefantis has been tied to the DNC appointed spokesperson who has attacked investigators for asking questions about Seth Rich’s death. Bauman is connected to James through Alefantis’ former boyfriend, Democratic strategist David Brock; Brock is on the board of directors for a foundation run by Bauman.

Yesterday, John Podesta attacked those who questioned the murder of Seth Rich, saying that calls for an investigation into the DNC’s alleged role were ‘disgusting’. It is also known that John Podesta threatened to make an example out of Wikileaks leakers in his party, right before the murder of suspected DNC leaker Seth Rich.

The political establishment and mainstream media have denied involvement from the Democrat party, but many questions remain given Podesta and Clinton’s possible motive, and the suspicious details of the murder.