Larry Silverstein – New WTC7 designed in 2000 [VIDEO]


Published on Mar 13, 2016

According to Larry they started planning for a new wtc7 in April 2000; excerpt taken from watch?v=JUvLCzk7nh4 approx 59:00. In the same interview he also reiterates his 911 excuse/cover story script verbatim, and asserts that the north tower attenna sliced through wtc7 facade, even though there’s clear evidence it fell to the south. Please check out my DailyMotion channel for more videos:…





WTC 7 – Side by Side Comparison to Controlled Demolition



Published on Feb 4, 2013

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Uploaded on Dec 27, 2010

You may need earbuds to hear this if you have a laptop.
A huge DEEP explosion is clearly heard before building 7 is destroyed. The Government said FIRE did this. They claim no serious explosions were ever heard. Do you believe THEM or your own ears & eyes? TALK ABOUT THIS PLEASE. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.
This video is part of NIST’S recent FOIA release.
They have cut out all other explosions in these released videos. Very unprofessionally & fraudulently I might add.
Download and compare the videos yourself
The video above with the explosion is found below:…


9/11-WTC7 Larry Silverstein says ‘PULL IT’ (INSIDE JOB)



Uploaded on Feb 16, 2008

On September 11th 2001 there were ‘terrorist attacks in NYC and in Washington D.C.
One ‘plane’ hit the Pentagon and two other ones hit WTC1 & 2…so why did WTC7 collapse in 6 SECONDS at 5:20pm on that very day? (supposedly due to fires(!!!))