Gingrich Attacked By Soros Groups, MSM For Raising WikiLeaks, Seth Rich, DNC Connection


The fact that the Fake News Washington Post is immediately dismissing as “conspiracy theory” the legitimate questions asked by Newt Gingrich on Fox and Friends Sunday about the murder of Seth Rich is a huge signal that the leftists don’t want it investigated. That would be the same individuals who likely discovered that he was leaking email information to WikiLeaks and who may have some involvement in or knowledge of the events surrounding and responsibility for his murder. His body was just another in the long line of suspicious deaths associated with Clinton scandal and lawbreaking.

In what appears to be an obvious attempt to knock the story down before Mueller is forced to include it in his investigation, the Washington Post wrote, “Former House speaker Newt Gingrich, a stalwart supporter of President Trump, used a Sunday-morning appearance on ‘Fox and Friends’ to spread the conspiracy theory that former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was killed last year to cover up the true story of how WikiLeaks obtained tens of thousands of hacked Democratic Party emails.

Why would a true new organization dismiss the possibility of a retaliatory action on the part of a political party so out of hand and at what point does their involvement and attempts to influence events away from a prosecution become obstruction of justice. They might want to exercise a little more caution as the Democrats got their wish, there’s a special investigator on the scene and they might not want to have the Washington Post at the top of his “to investigate” list.

The Seth Rich case definitely belongs at the top of the list as it could and likely will blow the entire premise for the witch hunt, the Russia hacking and collusion fabrication, out of the water. A smoking gun to the murder and the reason behind it that excludes the Trump administration and implicates the Clinton Democrats is a very real possibility.