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BREAKING : Vindictive Comey Is CHANGING His Story to Attack Trump























Photo published for Harvard Study : Trump Press Coverage Sets New Standard For NEGATIVITY





92% of ‘s programming dedicated to -bashing














Hoax in Times Square – Another Car Attack Psyop | 5.18.2017 [VIDEO]


Streamed live on May 18, 2017

Big news today as someone drove their Honda Accord through the middle of Times Square, injuring over 20 and killing at least one. It looks like every other car attack psyop that we’ve seen over the last few years. We’ll look at pictures and say it’s fake. Then take calls.


New York City Hoax – Crisis Actor Says It Was Staged!



Published on May 19, 2017


New York Hoax 100% Exposed



Published on May 18, 2017



Keys to the Kingdom: Trump visits Saudi Arabia first, signs $380 billion deal [VIDEO]



Published on May 20, 2017

Donald Trump’s received a lavish, royal welcome in Saudi Arabia, where he’s kicking off his first foreign tour as U.S. president. Trump’s signed a number of defence and business deals totalling in excess of $380bn, including an arms deal worth $110bn. Trump is the first American president to make Saudi Arabia, or any Muslim-majority country, his inaugural stop overseas and he’s pleased with his progress so far. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/8c79