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Just for fun, as of today, yours truly has embarked on a 30-day fast. It has been 24 hours since I last had a solid and already my tummy is growling. However, when I think of the prisoners in Palestine I am inspired, even though our goals are very different and I have better medical care. Believe me, I have starved before and one must be really driven to undertake such a thing “voluntarily”. Indeed, one must really have one’s back to the wall. 

Wake up!

Americans know nothing about the USS Liberty attack.
The name got me. So Aussie. “Mrs. Wobblebottom.”

Cyber war veteran

How about these. And they are just the bottom of the bucket.: 


Australian cartoonists are hard to find. Conservative harder still. I stumbled across this artist this afternoon and, generally, liked what I found. I disagree with some of his stances but you can find more of his word at Bill Leak Explained.Twitter feed. He is definitely cheeky and not afraid to offend. The comments are his but for a few notes.
Women’s March is against democratic outcome of Trump’s election. They are angry ferals against jobs, democracy, security and support ISIS.

Clean energy will send us back to the stone age. Lefties will never stop growing beards.

Greens are big into Orwellian double-speak and ultimate PC police. Civil discourse is rarely always applied to all parties.
Decisive leadership (Churchill) doesn’t exist anymore, modern soft leftie men would prefer appeasement. 
 Parasites are parasites are parasites.

Turnbull (emperor) is vain elitist and public can see through his veneer. (It seems editorial cartoonists around the world are very fond of this old adage for their elected and unwanted leaders.)
Leftist academics are hypocrites for demanding action against offensive cartoons from HRC & govt considering they were raised in a nanny state of protection from reality.

Terri Butler (SJW) and ALP support strengthening 18c by making average Australians weaker in use of language and pointing out facts. (Sounds like the same agenda to weaken rights is being enforced internationally.)
Human Rights Commission is through the looking glass when it comes to truth / political correctness.

Money being spent on political correctness but not the basic curriculum.
In parts of Australia, having woman silhouettes on pedestrian crossings is transphobic and misandrist. There is a move abroad to create more gender inclusive (or whatever) crossing systems. Could you imagine such idiocy?

Fidel Castro is about to burn in hell with other well met communist leaders.

Gendered questions in university science subjects result from socialist, black armband view of history, LGBTQI agendas running amok.
Safe Schools is state-run program by green left sexual deviants that removes parental responsibility for 3 RRRs.
David Morrison’s statements on gendered language just add to the depravity of Safe Schools program. Kinky title pun.

Australian kids are getting stupider because teachers are depraved safe schools advocates. These kids will become depraved idiot teachers.

Children’s innocence is lost this Christmas because of the LGBTQI agenda.
The Gay Agenda(™) has become Stasi-esque, supported by jackbooted thugs
Safe Schools Program is opposite of traditional school practices.
Safe Schools program is teaching children scary stories about modern families.
Safe Schools program promotes loss of fundamentals and misinterprets good behavior as submission kink.
Gay men & LGBTQI community are so selfish that they would make sure normals (women & children) are rescued last from sinking ship (society)

Below, Mrs. Marc Regnev in her famous “Jerusalem gown”.

Cyber terrorism

Erdogan’s bodyguard thugs beat Kurdish protesters in Washington.

WHO IS BEHIND ALL OF THIS? WHO profits from the wars and creation of the situations that drive people from their homelands? Who has manipulated these situations by which they profit from the pain and suffering, and hatred, of others? All is going perfectly as planned, according to the Masonic/Jewish agenda.

I am not much of a fan of this man, but he speaks the truth here.

 The Sicilian Mafia is NOT happy.

First day at work….

Abby Martin, just another shill.

ED Noor: In many countries, imprisonment and torture is the lot of cartoonists expressing truths yet in America, where freedom of speech is still possible, so many just bow down to the party line.

Paul Watson is a gate keeper & defender of Zionism.

After school activities at a daycare in your typical West Bank illegal settlement.

 Jewish settler humour.
This from a shameless creature who discusses childhood sex with her sister as routine. As if she understands such concepts and decency and valour.

Modern slavery in Libya as the result of American democracy.
 Paris, today and 74 years ago.
A Jewish cartoon by a very Zionist artist, from a few years ago. Very telling news item clip.

The media is SO desperately trying to tie in Trump with Russia and almost all cartoonists try to sell this idea around the world.

I mean, they are really really trying to sell the Russia / Trump collusion idea.
And then there is the assassination of whistleblower Seth Rich.
 Somewhere in Melbourne.

Artist’s Comments: LOCK HER UP!
WikiLeaks revealed Hillary’s loyalty and devotion to the central bankers. In her usual perfunctory and well-planned manner, she spouted empty platitudes at voters and expected to win automatically. Hillary and Bill engaged in ‘pay for play’ graft as a matter of course. They grew stupendously wealthy. She operated an illegal server and destroyed evidence. The Clintons are monsters who have left a long trail of bodies to obtain and preserve their power. They must consider Americans to be easy marks. Citizens are suckers to them.

Hillary is a money-grubbing, power-mad grifter. She’s a vile criminal globalist and a central banker toady. Her association with Podesta suggests she has also dabbled with Satanism.

After she lost the election, Hillary and her operatives invented the Russian narrative to distract from her criminality and failed candidacy. Apparently the deep state will amp up their Russian lie as a means to impeach President Trump. That’s why the media are releasing stories not based on facts and evidence, but on mysterious unnamed sources and hearsay.
The big corporate media have plenty of money, but they’re rapidly losing credibility and can no longer easily brainwash Americans, who are deserting them in droves. More and more citizens are following truth tellers and real investigative journalists on the Internet. The legacy media have been exposed as liars and purveyors of fake news. Despite their vast monetary resources, they’re losing their power and sway over American minds. Good.

Regardless, Hillary never goes away and she always seems to elude justice despite abundant evidence against her. Trump needs to make good on his campaign promise: “Lock her up!”