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Resisting Zionism

Just the way it should be. My Trinidadian sister-in-law and I were like that. We played with it sometimes especially in small Canadian hamlets. To see such friendships in action as above, I recommend the Sundance TV series “Hap & Leonard“, cheap paperback novels brought to life ~ a gay black vet with anger issues & his straight white pacifist childhood buddy who served time rather than enlist. Available for streaming at Putlocker. (Loving quote, “You’re so black when you poop it looks like you’re melting.” Ok so it is not so funny out of context. Season 1, ep 3.) Brilliant, deep, top quality entertainment, some of the finest character development ever filmed.

Check here for the story.

That poor Globalism gobble-fish faced with all those mean angry nationalist fish who want to hang on to their own coral reefs and school with their own kind. Only posted as another example of NWO/JWO programming.

“Burgers are done!”
“Do you have a cup of honey to spare?”
“Has that thieving Goldilocks left yet?”
“Can Fluffy come out and play?”
“When’s lunch ready?”
“Honey, bring the catsup when you come.”

This response really blew me away!
People really think like that?

Or way stupid.



















Dedicated to one of my favourite French Canadians. 
He knows who he is.



































Crudely worded but my philosophy in a nutshell. 
Emotional indifference works beautifully.
Frustrates your foe. 
Keeps you calm and healthier.
Win win.











 Back to Antifa and NAMBLA




































I would like to say this is a joke. Because to any normal person it is but, as with the ludicrous flat earth theory, this is actually gaining traction with the liberal zombies.













 What is missing from all of these magazine covers?


























“They should know by now I am a Tranny and gimme some respect.”









 A liberal took this photo of Trump’s favourite ties in his private dressing room.






Artist comment: Emmanuel Macron. Eighth President of the Fifth Republic of France. Proclaimed by many to be the divinely appointed saviour of the European Union.




“Tell me another whopper, Grandmere?”

Artist comment:  Congratulations all round as the youngest-ever President of France is set to take up residence in the Élysée Palace with 64 year old wife Brigitte after support for the National Front’s Marine Le Pen falls short at the last hurdle.(I like the parent/child proportions myself)
















































Artist comment: Strange Fruit. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Mauritania, Nigeria, Qatar, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates. 10 countries where persecution of LGBT people is rife and where homosexual acts may be punishable by death.


 The looming threat of robots in the workplace.


 The ivory trade











Artist comment:  “The French Vichy regime capitulated to the Nazis in 1940. And now, France has chosen to go quietly into the cold, dark night again. Instead of rising up against the islamization of France, they have chosen to submit to the most brutal ideology on the face of the earth by electing a lightweight. They voted for submission over freedom. France is finished.” ~ Anonymous author






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