Barack Obama traveled to Milan for climate change conference in a PRIVATE JET and was then ferried to town in a 14-car convoy

On Monday he had a private meeting with former Italian PM Renzi. Renzi resigned from the position in December and is now the head of his country's democratic party

  • Ex-President Barack Obama spoke Tuesday at a climate change event in Milan
  • Obama flew to Italy by private jet and then needed 14-car convoy for transport 
  • Obama reportedly stayed with Michelle at the 44-bed retreat Borgo Finocchieto
  • The renovated 800-year-old hamlet features a pool, a gym and tennis courts   



On Tuesday afternoon the former president delivered a speech on climate change at the annual Seeds and Chips conference – for which 3,500 people have paid €850 each for a ticket, The Times reported.

This has raised almost $3,25 million for the Obama Foundation, which was set up to help further his project of ‘renewal and global progress’.

Obama made the most of his two-day trip to Italy by reportedly staying at a sprawling $20,000-a-night hilltop villa in Tuscany and a five-star hotel in Milan.

He reportedly took over two floors of the Park Hyatt hotel – where presidential suite rooms cost almost $10,000 a night.


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