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The sad results of communist daycare upon our children. Safe spaces. All flowers and padded cells.



 And he wondered why Trump had other things to do than attend such a function?








Very good advice here. For all of us. I have been caught by “Is It a Joke” more than once and am very wary. If it sounds too juicy to be true, it probably is. The date is another. People seem to find an old piece that shocks them or for some reason think it should be revisited. Always check the date.










 Saturday night in downtown Tel Aviv?


If you are a Walking Dead fan, you will get this ever-so-cruel joke!














No! Not a media bias in favour of the Rothschild poppet/puppet! “The Enigma”, “The Revolutions”, “The Only Face of History” and then there is the chestless Putin wannabe,  and so it goes. Meanwhile, every chance, Marianne is painted as Nazi, negative, etc etc etc. America has seen all this before. This election in France is crucial. Where once national elections were observed from afar, in today’s world of domino politics, this matters in the delicate (im)balance we tiptoe so delicately through. Never was this so obvious as in the last American election; the reverberations of that epic achievement of conservatism are still rumbling and shaking the policies around us on an international scale.


Merkel and May face off over Brexit




The Emperor Macron


Macron to Merkel, “I love older women.” (His wife is 65 to his 39. This fact is being used to hopefully entice French women.)




Macron also refers to the French populace as “the commoners, haters of freedom”.









Foul-mouthed, well-connected politically speaking, hero of the liberals. These late night “comics” have turned their programmes into little more than competitions to see who can bash Trump the worst and Colbert has won. Even his apology was everything but. Meanwhile, the liberals are saying that Conservatives cannot take an insult, are unable to take what they put out.  Ludicrous considering the Trump bashing that has been going on the past year. No Conservative has behaved as foully as most of these libtards. 










































The only one that really matters is TEN.










 Obamacare worked?



















….. New World Order?























 Just a little clip. Gets to the bottom of the transgender agenda.