NOT SO FAST! FBI Director James Comey Being Investigated For Hillary Ruling

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Well thankfully someone if thinking clearly about the whole Hillary Clinton email ordeal.

FBI director James Comey gave us his statement on the investigation and said that he recommended no charges to be filed. Looks like what he said didn’t sit well with lawmakers on Capitol Hill as Comey is now being summoned to speak before and be questioned by a house committee on the ruling itself.

Comey layed into Clinton saying that her actions were reckless and dangerous, but still no charges were filed. The government wants to know why. And we do too.

What’s more interesting here is that Comey took no questions at all after this announcement. Usually, when something of this magnitude happens, the person speaking fields questions for a limited amount of time. That did not happen, signifying that Comey’s dismissal of this was essentially an FBI endorsement of Hillary for president.

But let’s just remember all the differences between what Hillary said at the beginning and what Comey said now.