Meanwhile up in Canada, the land of trees and sky-rocketing real estate prices… 


Remembering Chernobyl, its 31st anniversary was April 26. I live in Fukushima destroyed territory but we all know this deadliness eventually contaminates us all.




















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SPAIN 11111111111




POLITICS 11111111111









































Two birds with one stone. A member of Antifa slugged a peaceful Trump fan and the police, sitting nearby, caught it all on film. In 15 seconds they had the attacker surrounded and the incident was filmed. The thug above was arrested for planning to disrupt Trump celebrations during the inauguration and forbidden upon release to be involved in rioting activities. Well, the above mentioned film also showed him right there in the situation and he was picked up again. Nasty, defiant, not too bright. 










































































Creeping Wahabbism.


































Last week, in Richmond BC, a seniors poker group was shut down. 








 Frankie zaps us with another truth.




















Canadian Arms sales and the Saudis:




Warning: This video classic contains naughty words. Just a major blast from the past that explains just how long I have had attitude! The Fugs and their sweet love song to the CIA.