Hillary planned to use Anthony Weiner to play TRUMP in mock debates until his underage sexting scandal but didn’t ban Huma from the campaign

Clinton and Abedin had grown especially close since Weiner was exposed for sexting other women in 2011 and again two years later. Like Clinton’s husband Bill, Abedin’s husband was a high flying Democrat politician who had strayed in the most public way. And like Hillary, Huma stood by her man.


  • Clinton’s staff believed that Huma Abedin was ‘a disaster waiting to happen’
  • But Abedin was ‘such a powerful force within Clintonworld that few of her colleagues dared to cross her,’ bombshell new book Shattered reveals
  • Clinton and Abedin grew even closer after Weiner’s sex scandals were exposed – Hillary could relate  until DailyMail.com revealed he was  sexting with young teen
  • In the end Abedin ‘fell on her own sword’ and removed herself from the campaign trail, telling Clinton: ‘I’ll do whatever’
  • While attending a memorial at Ground Zero in New York to mark the September 11 attacks last year, Clinton fainted
  • It took hours to reveal that she was suffering from pneumonia  because Abedin was the only one of her top aides who knew about it
  • Shattered says that ‘not only did Huma keep a tight lid on Hillary’s schedule, she also acted as a lockbox for personal information about Hillary’ 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4423214/Weiner-Trump-Hillary-mock-debate-sex-scandal.html#ixzz4enGpSMtv


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