American Airlines pilots and flight attendants complain that their uniforms are giving them rashes and making them sick

The new pilot uniforms, the first in 30 years (above), are slate gray and snazzier looking with colorful pieces that can be added, but causing some allergic reactions

  • American Airlines switched the old blue uniforms to new slate gray ones in September
  • Since then, at least 5,000 employees have complained of symptoms including eye swelling, rashes, skin blistering and even vertigo 
  • Now pilots are complaining, with about 100 saying the new uniforms gave them a rash, swollen eyes or made them feel sick
  • The pilot union said two pilots became so ill they couldn’t fly
  • The uniforms’ maker, Twin Hill, has not been able to pinpoint the problem
  • American Airlines is giving employees several uniform alternatives, including one made by a new supplier, but early reports say there are some complaints about those too  

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