United tried to bump passengers out of First Class during a Christmas flight from Aspen to make room for CEO Munoz and his family …


… and ‘threatened another with arrest for not giving up his seat for a higher priority 

  • In the wake of the Dr Dao debacle, more complaints about United have emerged
  • Last Christmas a group of Aspen passengers were bumped up to first class
  • They were filling seats that United CEO Oscar Munoz’s family had vacated 
  • Munozes tried to beat a snowstorm by going to another airport – but came back
  • The customers were told they had to go back to economy to seat the Munozes
  • United confirmed this, but said Munoz didn’t know what the staff had demanded
  • It said when he found out, Munoz decided to put his family in economy 
  • Another passenger said he was threatened with cuffs for not leaving first class
  • Was told a ‘more important’ person would have his seat, and was put in economy

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