Pioneering African American Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam found dead in the Hudson River of apparent suicide was not Muslim

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  • Sheila Abdus-Salaam was found dead in the Hudson River Wednesday afternoon
  • She was fully clothed, with no obvious signs of trauma suggesting foul play
  • The judge called in sick from work on Tuesday, then failed to show up at her Manhattan office on Wednesday, prompting a missing person report  
  • She was divorced and recently remarried Reverend Gregory Jacobs in June
  • Abdus-Salaam lost her 92-year-old mother to suicide in 2012 on Easter and her brother to suicide two years later around Easter holiday 
  • Police official said the 65-year-old judge was struggling with depression and that she had began taking medication just weeks before her apparent suicide
  • Abdus Salaam was a groundbreaking judge who was also the first African American woman to serve in New York’s Court of Appeals 
  • Earlier reports called her ‘the first female Muslim U.S. judge’, but a spokesman for the Court of Appeals said she was not Muslim 

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