‘United is proud to announce the new club class – fight club!’ Twitter trolls airline with hundreds of hilarious memes


  • Twitter has been flooded with memes mocking United Airlines after a passenger, 69, was dragged off an overbooked flight on Sunday
  • New video shows the man bleeding heavily from the mouth after incident 
  • He was selected to give up his seat after no volunteers were found 
  • Passengers had to give up their seats for United staff who were needed in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Passengers were offered $1000 to take a flight the next day The man claimed to be a doctor who had to see patients the next day

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United Airlines is being trolled with hundreds of hilarious memes after a passenger was hauled off a flight to make room for staff


Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Joe Thomas joined in by mocking the airline's statement on Twitter, posting a photograph of himself 're-accommodating' an opponent during an NFL game





People imagined United staff as anything from WWE wrestlers and football players, to an armed SWAT team, as they 're-accomodated' an elderly passenger




Others joked that Pepsi must be sighing with relief today after Airlines decided to take some heat off their 'tone deaf' ad with a PR nightmare of their own





Twitter exploded with tweets mocking the airline, which apologized for 'having to re-accommodate' a 69-year-old man - who claimed to be a doctor - who was dragged off an overbooked flight to Louisville on Sunday night