Hacking group releases passwords to NSA hacking tools to attack Donald Trump for ‘abandoning’ his base

A secretive hacking group has released the passwords to a trove of hacking tools used by US spies. The hackers, from the group 'Shadow Brokers', claim that the leak is a form of protest against president Donald trump for going back on campaign promises (stock image)


  • Secretive hacking group released a trove of tools and exploits used by US spies
  • They are used to eavesdrop on people through their laptops and smartphones 
  • Alongside the leaked tools the group warned Trump: ‘Don’t forget your base’
  • NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden confirmed that the tools are legitimate 

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The hacking group first emerged in August when it announced it would auction stolen surveillance tools it says were used by a cyber group linked to the NSA.

The hacking exploits included vulnerabilities in firewall products and a list of IP addresses the NSA had exploited, which the group released at a later date.

To arouse interest in the auction, the hackers released samples of programmes they said could break into popular firewall software made by companies including Cisco Systems Inc, Juniper Networks Inc and Fortinet Inc.

An October leak by the group included information that experts said might identify computers used to obscure U.S. electronic eavesdropping.



NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden confirmed on Twitter that the leak includes genuine NSA software


Snowden later stated on Twitter that the leak does not contain the NSA's entire hacking library