Spring? Forget about it! Incredible photos of Canadian town which has been pummeled with back-to-back Nor’easters and is trying to dig itself out of 93 INCHES of snow


  • Gander, Newfoundland was battered with 50 inches (115cm) of snow this week
  • Two back-to-back Nor’easters dumped snow high enough to bury homes 
  • Some residents tweeted post-storm pictures showing snow completely blocking their doorways 
  • Others were forced to escape their homes from the second floor window 

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No signs of spring here: Gander, Newfoundland was battered by two Nor'easters this week 

Stunning images show how the snow has buried the town under more than 93 inches  

No exit: One resident tweeted a picture of her doorway completely blocked by several feet of snow 

A young girl was also photographed at the top of an enormous mountain of snow tall enough to let her reach street power lines.

Snow joke! A Gander resident was able to sit on the roof of his home after climbing up a massive snow mountain left behind from the storm 

The real snowmaggedon: A man is seen shoveling out his car, but it seems he still has massive block a snow to get through 

The streets of Gander were lined with mountains of fresh white powder following clearing attempts 

An extraordinary picture shows a man outside of a building buried under snow